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Makowiec is a cake layered with ground poppy seeds with sugar and dried fruit. Poppy seed strudels, poppy seed cake or poppy seed cake - regardless of the name, a cake with a poppy seed filling is, next to gingerbread, the most missed dessert on the holiday table. Read the tips that will help you prepare the perfect poppy seed cake. Check also how many calories the poppy seed cake has and what are its nutritional values.

Makowiecis a cake that appears most often on Polish tables at Christmas. Although during the year, poppy seed cake lovers usually buy a ready-made product, once a year - just for Christmas - it is worth baking this cake at home.

Then you can enrichpoppy seed mass according to your tasteand prepare the dough thinner than usual. In the poppy seed cake, the ratio of the mass of poppy seed and dough is important - the former should dominate.Traditional poppy seed cakeis baked with yeast or shortbread and yeast dough, which is easier to prepare.

Makowiec - poppy seed mass for poppy seed cake

The first stage of preparing the poppy seed mass is to boil the poppy seeds in milk - pour the poppy seeds into the boiling milk and cook them over the low heat for half an hour. The second step is grinding the poppy seeds - if the machine is equipped with a special poppy sieve, it is enough to do it twice, if not - three times.

Before grinding, the poppy seeds must be thoroughly drained so that the poppy seed mass is not too thin (if it is, it is thickened with semolina or breadcrumbs). The mass is sweetened with honey. This is the most laborious stage, but it is comforting that our great-grandmothers had it worse - they laboriously grinded poppy seeds in a makutra, i.e. a clay bowl with a notched center.


It is important to coat the prepared cake with protein before applying the poppy seed mass - then the filling will stick to the cake.

The final flavor of the poppy seed cake is determined by dried fruits and nuts, which are added to the mass - chopped walnuts, hazelnuts, sugar-fried orange peel, raisins soaked in rum are necessary. You can also add almonds and chopped figs. If the poppy seed cake is eaten only by adults, the mass can be enriched with a glass of rum or cherries from the tincture (without seeds).

There are poppy seed semi-finished products for sale. Already ground poppy seed saves a lot of time. When buying it, be sure to check the use-by date on the bag.

Poppy seed canbecause they can be stored up to a year in a tightly closed container or in a proprietary packaging - due to the large amount of fat, it easily becomes rancid. There is also a ready-made poppy seed mass (sold in cans); in addition to ground poppy seeds, it contains raisins, orange peel, honey and sugar, but often also a preservative.

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Makowiec - recipe. How to make a wrapped poppy seed cake?

Makowiec - calories, nutritional values ​​

Microscopic poppy seeds contain a lot of fat - as much as 40-50 percent. For this reason, poppy seeds are very caloric - 100 g is as much as 478 kcal. However, it has a lot of fiber, so it facilitates digestion.

Poppyseed oil is rich in omega-6 fatty acids - fat that regulates kidney and liver function, accelerates wound healing, and also contributes to lowering cholesterol levels.

In addition, poppy seeds contain fat-soluble vitamins - A, D, E - and vitamin C. Poppy seeds are a great source of calcium (as much as 1266 mg in 100 g - a portion covering the daily requirement of the body). There is also magnesium, iron and potassium in it.

You can decorate the baked poppy seed cake with lemon icing: grind sugar with protein and lemon juice. Before the frosting solidifies on the cake, sprinkle the top with poppy seeds, almond flakes or orange peel.


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Makowiec - watch out for the poppy-seed masses in the shops

Ready-made poppy seed masses are available in the store, which can be easily used to prepare poppy seed cake and other goodies. However, specialists advise against buying this type of products, because poppy seeds - contrary to what the name suggests - are present in small amounts.

After reading the label carefully, it can be concluded that most of the poppy masses contain the most water. The second most common ingredient is glucose-fructose syrup. Somewhere at the end there is a poppy, which is usually 16 to 20 percent.

It means that there is only 160 to 200 g of poppy seed per kilogram of poppy seed mass. Meanwhile, a good poppy seed mass should consist of 500 g of poppy seeds, 200 g of dried fruit, 150 g of honey (or sugar) and possibly vanilla pods.

Besides in the poppy massesyou can also find artificial additives, such as flavors, dyes, preservatives, acidity regulators, or other agents giving it the desired texture and flavor. Therefore, it is better to buy poppy seeds and prepare the poppy seed mass by yourself, which is not difficult.

The text uses excerpts from the article by Justyna Nowicka from the monthly "Zdrowie".

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