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Change is something that, on the one hand, we really want and, on the other hand, we fear even more. By avoiding it, however, we will not move forward and we will not achieve our goals. So how do you develop systematically? Get to know the advice of Joanna Godecka, author of the book "Stop Worrying", published by the Muza Publishing House.

Make the assumption that the change is good

Every situation evolves - personal, professional. You evolve. You cannot build a sense of security on total stability. She does not exist. Life is a verb. It is change. Total stabilization is slow dying. Therefore, treat change as an opportunity, a stimulus, and something completely natural at the same time. The real sense of security is going with the flow of change.

Be curious

What makes children so mobile, brave and ubiquitous? Are interesting. The first signs of curiosity are revealed by two- to three-month-old babies. They notice colorful, moving objects, stop their gaze on their faces and smile consciously at the sight of their parents. The curiosity of the environment begins to awaken. Around the age of four, a man turns out to be a terrible talker: he asks thousands of questions a minute … And it should stay that way, because Albert Einstein explains it perfectly: "It is important never to stop asking. Curiosity does not exist without a reason. So it is enough if we try to understand at least a little of this secret every day. Never lose your holy curiosity. Who cannot ask, cannot live. "

Be brave

Do not be afraid to stray from the beaten path, think outside the box, find your own perspective, perhaps completely different from those around you. Have the courage to be yourself and do not be discouraged by failures. You are sure to stumble on your way to your destination, maybe even more than once or twice. It doesn't matter in the slightest. The only important thing is that you don't quit.

About the author

Author: Damian Deja

Joanna Godeckais a therapist, consultant and commentator on issues related to the practice of presence, relationships, self-esteem, and women's self-esteem. She graduated from the 4th-degree Collin P. Sisson Seminar with the title of Practitioner of Integrating Presence. He is a member of the Polish Association of Therapists TSR (Therapy Concentrated onSolutions).

Never say never

Keep hoping. Just because you used to be afraid of something doesn't mean it will always be that way. Here is a very informative story by Jorge Bucay, an Argentine writer and psychotherapist. The story comes from his book "Let me tell you … Fairy tales that taught me how to live". Here I am telling it in my own words, shortening it a bit, because it is quite long:

In one city there was a boy who loved going to the circus, and there he admired a giant elephant. He seemed so strong, so majestic and full of courage.

Once, when he was leaving after the show was over, he saw that the elephant was standing tied with a thin string to a small stake. He was surprised she was standing so obediently and not running away. The stake was only a few centimeters in. The little boy wondered why the elephant just didn't get away from captivity. He asked the adults about it, but no one could answer him. There were different explanations, of course, but none of them made sense.

So he decided to ask an old man who had been selling tickets at this circus for years.

When he asked, the ticket collector told him a story:

I saw a little elephant trying to free himself from that stake every day .He was tired day after day, collapsed from exhaustion, got upand tried to snatch the stake again. In the end, he came tothat he couldn't. He tried for days untilwas sure it was too hard for him. So he stoppedtrying.
Months and years passed, and the little elephant did not notice thathas already become big, huge. Yet he still remembers that thisstake is unbreakable. He never thought about freedom again,because in his heart there is a memory that he fought for itfor hours and years and lost the fight. Now I don't even try .

Note that you are already a big elephant

Remember that there is no change without change

Change requires leaving your comfort zone. It's normal to not feel completely confident. But that's development. If you don't try anything new, you'll never move forward.

Listen to your intuition

The element of building a sense of security is trust in yourself and in your own intuition. It's part of energy communication, so your hunches and visions seem to come out of nowhere. Intuition is a real treasure because it shows the best solutions.

Worth knowing

Author: press materials

The text comes frombook "Stop Worrying" by Joanna Godecka (Muza Publishing House).

This is a book on how to gain a sense of security, inner peace and emotional balance in order to be able to build, instead of constantly struggling with something.

Aimed at people who often think: "What if …", for masters of black script, biting things that have not yet happened. Obsessively discussing things that may not happen at all, and when something does, they become hysterical with amazing speed.

This book is intended to help you find ways to keep it to a minimum. It does not promise that it will free you from worrying completely, but you will worry less, fear will not paralyze you, and / or unfulfilled expectations and a burning sense of injustice will drive you to the brink of insanity. I promise you to improve the situation and build a sense of security.

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