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Most of us make New Year's resolutions - the New Year is like a blank sheet of paper for us. Unwritten, unpainted, perfect to fill with New Year's resolutions. But why is it so hard to meet them? Read on to find out what you can do to help you meet your New Year's resolutions more effectively!

New Year's resolutionsare, according to psychologists, our response to the coming of the New Year, which we treat as a symbol, the first day of our new (and better) life. We will certainly make up for what has not been achieved in the past year. However, experience has shown that fromNew Year's resolutionsmost often only words remain.

According to statistics, only one in 20 people who sets their New Year's goals fully complies with all their decisions. Perhaps it results from too high expectations and requirements that we set for ourselves. Mowing a hoe into the sun is rarely successful. Skillful assessment of one's own abilities is one of the most important elements of effective planning and implementation of changes.

New Year's resolutions: the art of formulating them

So what to do to keep your New Year's resolutions? First of all, let's not decide on something that is impossible to achieve (I quit smoking from January 1, I will lose 30 kilos by the end of winter, I will master Japanese in a few months). Such promises do not make sense, and the difficulty of making them may demotivate us even more.

Instead, let's decide something that is 90 percent. we will carry out (I will reduce smoking, I will start learning a foreign language, I will sign up for a dance course). If we manage to do this, our self-esteem will definitely increase, and we will be able to set ourselves increasingly difficult tasks.

According to psychologist Ewa Woydyłło, the strength of New Year's resolutions does not lie in the immediate effect, but in a change in the way of thinking and in the motivation to make a fruitful effort. - Most of the changes in our lives do not happen as a result of a sudden event, but as a result of our work - reminds Woydyłło.

- The New Year's resolution directs my attention to a goal, e.g. I'm going to run and even if I don't do it right away, the process has already started. One day its effect will also appear. If someone really cares about it, it doeshe will definitely succeed - says the psychologist.

Choose New Year's resolutions that you can keep

The New Year definitely favors the resolutions. However, let us not take them too seriously. Sometimes it is good to "turn a blind eye" and look for New Year's resolutions that are easier to implement, for example: 1.I will never be persuaded to use magic creamsthat will rejuvenate the face in a week, illuminate the complexion, even out unevenness, hide freckles and smooth out in a stunning way. There are simply no such creams. It is true that they hide moon dust, molecules, pollen collected at dusk and mixtures that stimulate blood vessels, but none of them will change our metric in a visible and tangible way.

2.I will love (almost) all children- both my friends and strangers too. I will not be upset by the fact that someone yells into my ear, tore my pantyhose with a rake, hit my knee with a bucket, spilled everything out of my purse and threw my cell phone into the pond because "she was calling the fish". Children are our greatest treasure and let's stick to it in accordance with the New Year's resolutions. 3.I will start reading the manuals for various devicesthat I have and do not use, because they seem quite complicated to me. I will learn to assemble the juicer, and I will not have any parts left in my hand that I will not know what to do with. I master the insertion of the pin into the car radio and will start pouring the washer fluid myself. 4.At least once in the new year, I will manage to assemble a map by myself according to the bendsthat were made in the printing house. 5.I will force myself to do any sport.I will bend my spine at least once a week as part of fitness or freeze with my leg up during yoga classes, or do more than one squat.

6.I will scratch a lot of free time for myself.The organization of my daily life will surprise me. I will find time for work, interweave it with playing with the child, walking the dog, talking to my husband, reading a book, cinema, theater, culinary acrobatics and wellness evenings, during which, bathed in raspberry foam, I will devote myself to thinking about nothing. In addition, I will go to bed by ten o'clock in the evening at the latest and get up refreshed, well-rested and radiant with energy for the new day. Among my New Year's resolutions is also that I will never get sick either, because that would knock me out of the rhythm. So many New Years resolutions. In the evening, we can cross out half of them. Or maybe one is enough?

Write your New Year's resolutions below - big and small - according to the principle that what is written has a greater causative power. We willKeep you at your word throughout 2015! And to all - the less and more persistent in implementing their resolutions - we wish you a Happy New Year!

New Year's resolutions work better than others

Why is this happening and how to keep them? Read the statement by the psychologist Miłosz Brzeziński!


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