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A relationship with a disabled person does not have to be an obstacle course. Seven years ago, Artur Wachowicz's life changed completely. He has had a bicycle accident and has been paralyzed since then, no feeling in his hands or feet. Ania, his wife, supports him fantastically. Together they make their dreams come true and give hope to others.

The relationship with a disabled personin the case of Artur and Ania started on September 5, 2010: Artur was riding his bicycle quickly to deliver the keys to a colleague who was waiting for him at the station. Unfortunately, he did not arrive at the meeting point. It was only 200-300 meters away. He wanted to avoid the stairs and was going down the hill next to him. He did not notice that at some point it ends in a vertical fault. His last reflex was to hit the brake before falling. When he opened his eyes, he was lying on the grass.

- At first I tried to get up, take my mobile phone out of my pocket, but I was not able to - he recalls that day. One doctor said the spinal cord injury was as if it had been hit by a train. Two intervertebral discs in the cervical region were crushed. Doctors removed his damaged disc and transplanted a piece of cartilage from his hip. The most important thing, however, is that the core has not been broken, which means Arthur still has a chance that he will walk again one day, or at least regain control of his hands and be able to move around in a wheelchair on his own.

For a year and a half, he couldn't come to terms with everything that had happened - that his life would not be as carefree as it used to be. Well, it will be full of challenges! - In the past, I could not even imagine the situations that are now commonplace. I was independent and became addicted to others. Fortunately, I have learned to enjoy the usual things: the fact that I can drink tea by myself, ride a wheelchair for a few meters. Earlier, even that was not possible - says Artur and recalls stays in hospitals, breakdown, rebellion, questions why he happened to have an accident. He does not hide that he also struggled with depression. Thanks to the enormous support of his beloved Ania, family and friends - he defeated her.

Electric wheelchair with special chin control

Thanks to the wheelchair, for the first time since the accident, I was able to move by myself. ThenI went to a camp in Piekoszów, where I met other disabled people. There I found out that these people have their own lives, passions, dreams and ambitions. After that trip, I started to rejuvenate, recalls the 28-year-old who now works remotely from home as an internet analyst. Arthur can consider himself very lucky to have such a wonderful woman as his wife.

They met in 2008. They parted ways and got back together. After the accident, Ania had no contact with him for a month and a half. He didn't want her to be plugged into a dozen devices, with a tracheostomy tube in his windpipe. The first meeting after the accident is remembered in detail. Artur suggested that Ania should part - he assured me that he would understand. He did not want her to stay with him out of pity. She didn't want to hear about it. She wanted to be with him, for better and for worse. They got married on August 6, 2016, exactly eight years after their first meeting. The guests dedicated a song to the newlyweds, the fragment of which reads: "Will you be able to love, even though I can't get up alone without you?"

The accident changed our relationship

In fact, I was a very sad, very complex person, had little self-confidence and often cried at night, feeling sorry for myself. I was also not happy about Artur. I loved him, but our relationship was very complicated and he was more tiring than enjoying. I was missing something. However, I couldn't move on. Through all that happened, I realized that life is extremely fragile, we only have one thing. I got closer to God. I believed that I was the best version of myself that could be created, that I am loved, I have someone to live for.

During the wedding ceremony, Ania and Arthur first said the sacramental "yes", and then the groom put his beloved ring on his lips with great love, which sealed their relationship. Those gathered in the church applauded them.

Seeing Arthur's depression, I realized that I have a lot of strength. I looked at the world differently. I love life, I love people - says Anna, who quit her job to become her husband's legal guardian. She washes it herself, puts it on and puts it on the stroller. Though there are times when she is very tired, she would not trade her life for anything else. - After experiencing those tragic moments when we learned this unique lesson, every next day we spend together is happiness. Not only our priorities have changed, but also our dreams. Relationships with other people and consciously living your life with your family are the most important for me now - adds Artur.

What is the relationship with a disabled person? See online

Artur uploads videos showing his everyday life on YouTube. She wants to show others the difficulties faced by a disabled person in a wheelchair. “It's just the usual stuff: getting out of bed, having breakfast, going to the store. In a he althy person it happens very quickly, there is no problem with anything, for me it looks a bit different - says the 28-year-old. - I want to show that despite the limitations created by my own body, I can still go for a walk, to the cinema, that my life is not only about four walls. I am glad that my hometown is really well suited for people like me. I want to reach people who may be in a similar situation, but also able-bodied people who very often do not realize how much can change when an accident happens - says our hero.

Traveling? Why not!

This time was different. Last year, thanks to the financial support of many people, together with two friends, they took part in the Tetro Trip (tetraplegia - paralysis, a type of physical disability caused by an injury to the cervical spinal cord. Most of the causes of such paralysis are water jumps or car accidents). They visited Germany, the Netherlands, Belgium, France, Spain, Portugal, Italy, Monaco, the Vatican, Slovenia, Slovakia, Austria and the Czech Republic. They reached all the capitals of these countries. It took them 52 days. They traveled on a specially adapted bus. They slept in the vehicle, but also in hotels.

Going on a trip, they wanted to make their dreams come true, but also to test the system of facilities functioning in various European countries

They point to Madrid as a leader without hesitation. They visited the office of adaptation projects for disabled people there. They were impressed by the initiative called green roads. It is a project of adapting old, disused railway routes to the needs of the disabled. Arthur is glad that he was able to move around the old town of Valencia on his own. There, just like with us, in order to enter a pub or shop, you have to climb a step or two. For a person using an electric wheelchair, it is an impassable barrier. In this Spanish city, this problem was solved by preparing several portable driveways. - It is enough to take such a driveway and there is no problem with getting inside - says Artur.

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