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How did I lose 70 kg and what was my world like when I weighed 140 kg? Heavy. Heavy both on the outside and in the head. In my understanding, the fat one could not conquer the world, and the low self-esteem pulled down more than the big belly. Eventually I got to the wall and realized it was time for a change. A change other than any previous one.

How did I lose 70 kg?It was a bit like a dream. January 2013 brought me strength, although before that I felt tired of life. There was a thought: I will lose weight once and for all. I will lose weight because I want it, because I can, because I am ready for it. 175 cm tall and 27 years old. 140 kg and the belief that it will be possible to change your whole life. Previously, there were a few outbursts, but they always ended in a bitter disappointment that I could not eat enough, and gluttony brings the sweetest relief. I couldn't eat one dinner. I preferred three at once, with dessert. This time I decided to come up with a plan and stick to it tightly. For the rest of my life. Why? I couldn't choke anymore. I wanted to start breathing, to become free, different, light. This feeling had been building for many months. People often wait for a turning point. Sometimes it's not worth it, because a breakthrough can be associated with destruction …

How did I lose 70 kg? First, eliminate fried foods

I replaced them with stewed or steamed dishes. It turned out that they taste quite good, even delicious with time. It cheered me up. I stopped using margarine and withdrawn white bread. I felt like the queen of the revolution! Day by day, I was looking for new recipes more and more boldly. New ones, i.e. those with little fat, no sugar. Less and less sweets. Instead of bars and chocolate, I sat down on dried fruit. Time served me. I cut down on potatoes and pasta, eaten all the time before, in favor of groats. I separated them carefully, into spoons, but allowed myself to go veggie madness. Early spring brought me salvation in the form of early spring vegetables. Can I swap the chips for radishes? Yes, but it's worth taking the time. After a few weeks without being overwhelmed by processed foods, my body found that radishes were delicious in themselves, as were the delicate, sweet cucumbers, sweet and wine tomatoes, spicy celery, buttery lettuce … I discovered that vegetables can fill you with hunger! And in great style.

Then a few light meals throughout the day

And actually.Eating light meals 4-5 times a day not only made you feel full, but also soothed the fear of hunger. And hunger is a demon that will crush every effort. It's easy to lose with him, especially when the appetite is not wolf's but dragon's. It is not only food that kills him, but also water. Pure, tasty water. 3 liters a day, in addition to frequent snacks, helped to lose weight. It's been 4 months of new nutrition. Now is the time for something more. I felt that my head was starting to make room for the next step: sport. No, not great feats, but a shy and shy jog around the tenement house. Ten minutes burned my muscles like fire, but for the first time I thought that's what I wanted. Even though everything hurt and my legs felt pain, I trotted cautiously over the following days. Days turned into weeks and a few minutes into a dozen.

Worth knowing

Effective weight loss requires a change of mindset

- Everyone should find their way - says Danka. - You can search for yourself, you can go to a dietitian. However, you need to work on your thinking. What is your opinion about yourself? Why do you need food so much, in so much quantity? The answers are probably difficult. Or maybe you don't know them? Look for someone who will support you, but also will not judge you and force you to do anything. If you want to live a he althy life on your own, love your body and start over, everything will be much easier than you think.

After 6 months, I noticed changes

New nutrition, running and going to the swimming pool meant that in August I no longer weighed 140, but slightly over 90 kg. I was able to change my wardrobe and start looking for clothes in a department other than "XXL" for the first time. The swimming pool seemed to be a good companion for running, but in the fall I joined the next stage: the gym. Classes twice a week. Before that, I did not have the courage to compete with other women, I did not want to exercise alongside the skinny. Eventually, however, I felt more confident. Sport became more and more my world.

Murderous workouts are not the way to lose weight

I didn't run fast, but a lot. Five times a week I woke up at dawn to run ahead. I went to the gym three times, once or twice to the pool. I ate often, but the calories were not enough for the effort. I felt weaker and weaker. About 18 months have passed. The magic number 69 appeared on the scale - this is how much I should weigh in relation to my height. And although a wave of euphoria and emotion flooded me, my head could not keep up. Fat is gone, but a lack of self-esteem remains. Hatred for the body. Lost. It took me several months of meetings with a psychologist to understand that slimming starts in the head. In front of mea new, difficult chapter has opened: finding oneself. As a new, slim "me" I felt the effects of eliminating carbohydrates and fats more and more acutely. The vegetables themselves, with a trace amount of groats, did not meet my needs. I was cold and exhausted forever.

A balanced diet is the key to success

I was gradually regaining my lost energy. I would never like to go back to this stage. I would have avoided him if I could turn back time. People often ask me for advice, especially now that I have published the book "Daring". I keep repeating: slimming starts in the head. It is important to understand that a he althy diet is not an absolute evil, nor is it a necessity. It is the best and right choice, it is a solution full of flavors. Eating is a great pleasure, and eating wisely is happiness. Today, as a 30-year-old, I am looking for a golden mean. I exercise, I look for culinary, he althy inspirations, and I invest in myself. I was born again and it was worth every difficult moment. It took years to deal with only thinking of myself in terms of "fat" - "skinny".

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