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Ailurophobia is a type of phobia that manifests itself in a long-term, panicky fear of cats. Patients react to the sight of a cat by having an abnormal feeling of intense anxiety. People with ailurophobia are aware that their fear is irrational, but they cannot control it.

Ailurophobia also causesto hidefrom other people the fact that they suffer fromfear of cats . The mere thought of anyone finding out about her gives them a panic attack. This phenomenon is also known asfelinophobia .

Ailurophobia - what is it and what causes it?

Ailurophobia, or fear of cats, is one of the types of phobias.The stress reactioncauses not onlydirect contact with the catorthink about the possibility of contact with him , but alsowatching a cat in a photo or video . Phobics fearing catsrealizethat the fear they feelposes no threat to them.

Ailurophobia - symptoms of fear of cats

The symptoms of all types of phobias are similar. Among them, the following stand out:

  • increase in blood pressure,
  • cold sweat,
  • shortness of breath,
  • palpitations,
  • hot flashes,
  • feeling of tightness in the stomach,
  • muscle tremors,
  • dry mouth,
  • feeling of "soft legs",
  • want to run away,
  • hysteria,
  • sense of impending death,
  • feeling of helplessness,
  • disturbance of consciousness,
  • panic.

Ailurophobia - causes of fear of cats

The causes of ailurophobiamay have their origins in early childhood. These are traumatic experiences that may have been forgotten or repressed by the patient - e.g.scratchorcat bite . These also include situations where the cat wasvictime.g.of human violence . Another reason for the development of ailurophobia may beseeing a cat doing harm to your favorite fairy tale character .

The lack of knowledge about a given animal or situationalso contributes to the development of various types of phobias. Then I blame it as unpleasantexperiences related to the subject of phobiathe parents are responsible .

There is no doubt, therefore, that the essentialeducation ,satisfying children's curiosity and inquisitivenessandskillful transfer of knowledge about all phenomena , including those causing anxiety andfear .

Ailurophobia - treatment

Ailurophobia can be effectivehinder the daily functioning of the patientdue to the fact that cats can be found everywhere - at home, in the yard, street or parking lot.

An effective form of treatment of ailurophobiais psychotherapy in the cognitive-behavioral approach, which is an effective form of overcomingemotional difficulties , treating mental disorders and behavior problematic.

Its purpose is to teach the patientways to cope with anxiety . During the therapy, the specialist also performspsychoanalysisaimed at findingthe source of the problem .

Treatment of ailurophobia is based on:

  • getting used to the fear of cats,
  • expanding information on the mechanisms of phobias,
  • confront the source of the phobia in safe conditions,
  • gradually relieving anxiety.

In the fight against phobia, hypnotherapy and the use of relaxation techniques may also prove effective. It is important that the treatment of ailurophobia isunder the supervision of an experienced specialist .

Is fear of black cats ailurophobia?

Black-coated catshave aroused anxiety since the dawn of time, also among people who did not suffer from phobias. The cause of fear caused by black cats issuperstition .

In the Middle Ages it was believed that black-coated cats were to be messengers of the devil. They were believed to possess paranormal abilities and were responsible for all kinds of misfortunes, including death and disease.

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