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"Administrative decrees, orders and bans will not stop the epidemic, social responsibility for the he alth of oneself and others is necessary" - appealed Minister of He alth Łukasz Szumowski. He stressed that the existing risks should be taken seriously. What behavior in the face of an epidemic is socially responsible behavior?

- Restricting human contact plays a key role in how quickly viruses spread in the population. It will help delay the spread of the virus, thanks to which more infected people will be able to receive help and recover, explained PAP biologist from the Jagiellonian University, Dr. Rafał Mostowy.

The rapid spread of SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus is the result of:

  • fast transmission of the virus - 1 person infects 3-4 other people on average (which is a number 4 times higher than infections with the influenza virus)
  • symptom-free period of several days, when the infected unknowingly passes the virus on.

Minister Szumowski called in mid-March that all those who will not go to school, university or work should actually stay in the quarantine period, i.e. not be socially active, give up visiting all places where they go people are gathering. He noted that this mistake was made in Italy, where young people went to clubs, meetings, restaurants.

- This is the time of our society's quarantine. This is the time we should spend at home, in isolation, trying not to infect or infect others - added Szumowski.

Social responsibility - social distancing

- The basic principle of staying in social quarantine when the activities of schools or cultural institutions are suspended, is to avoid crowds. So, for example, go for a walk - yes, but taking the bus from place to place - definitely not - said Szumowski. - I would like to remind you that when going to and from school, several million children and their guardians usually traveled daily - twice. It is a great opportunity to come into contact with sick people - he explained. So not only schools are places where the virus can be exchanged.

- Let's stay at home and in the immediate vicinity - added the head of the Ministry of He alth.

This reduction in contact between people is called social distancing, and it plays a key role in reducing speedspreading the virus.

This is indicated by reports from all countries where the coronavirus has appeared so far. What does this mean in practice? It is simply keeping away from those who may be infected and ensuring that we ourselves do not come into contact with he althy people in the event of an infection.

Fighting the epidemic requires putting the interests of others, even the entire community, over your own. This can be called social responsibility and common sense, for which the Minister of He alth also appealed.

So let's not approach these orders lightly.

Social responsibility - why is it so important?

- Many people wonder why social distancing ourselves if most of us will be exposed to the virus sooner or later. Mainly because fewer people will die then. Hospitals are not able to cure all patients in a short time, and because the number of sick people will be rapidly increasing, there may not be enough places for them in hospitals in a moment. If the rules of social distancing are introduced, it will not burden the he alth service to such a large extent, because patients will gradually come to the hospital in smaller numbers - explains the biologist from the Jagiellonian University.

Social responsibility - practical tips

Nurseries, kindergartens, schools, universities, restaurants and hotels are closed. Cultural institutions such as cinemas, theaters, operas, museums as well, as well as large sports facilities. Mass events are canceled. But in order to be socially responsible on a smaller scale, towards your loved ones, you should give up or limit:

  • meeting friends
  • visiting offices
  • visiting the post office
  • going to shops
  • going to churches

You must not conceal from sanitary and he alth services that you have been abroad in regions where the epidemic was spreading before. We still have many unexamined people who become contagious without having symptoms yet.

Social responsibility will also require empathy, a sense of community, unity, and a willingness to help. It is not only about helping seniors and the sick, the group most exposed to severe infection, with shopping or taking care of the most urgent needs. Help also applies to he alth care workers - people on whom our he alth will depend, and who are now the most burdened with duties and risk themselves on a daily basis. Many of them call on social media for social responsibility and understanding of their situation.

Social responsibility - opinions

Even though we won't stopepidemics, its effects can thus be significantly reduced. "Clear, top-down and wise decisions in risk management situations are key and have nothing to do with panic," says Przemek Staroń, Teacher of the Year 2022 on Facebook, in a post about the legitimacy of closing schools. "Because - I can't believe I have to write this - life and he alth are approximately a billion times more important than the implementation of the core curriculum," he sums up.

"So what if the coronavirus will kill a lot of elderly people and people with immunodeficiency, if other diseases are killing every day? A few thousand people are irrelevant - I will not change my lifestyle for some mythical people …", someone else criticizes this way of thinking. "It's not about your mother, grandmother, neighbor with cancer, or high school friend with sarcoidosis, but" some people. " After all, 100,000 people die of cancer. people per year (…).

(…) It is important that you do not feel limited, because your comfort, your life, not able to do well from the gym, shopping and other things, without which are not necessary for life. Your well-being is more important than the life of people at high risk. "

On Facebook you can find posts from people related to he alth care: “The only effective method is isolation, which reduces infections. With the virus so infectious and with the frequency of severe conditions, we won't be able to treat all of them effectively. You just can't. So the only option is to limit the transmission of the virus.

Do not be comforted that we have 47 infected, their more are just undetected, and they infect. They can ban you. We have done few tests, we have few detected. It's also not that if you are young you won't get seriously ill. It's a kind of Russian roulette, but is it worth playing?

So my request to you: you can limit the spread of the disease. Limit your contacts with others. Work from home as you can. (…) remember, we can also get infected, and then there will be no people who can treat you. If you have a car, use it instead of public transport. Do not go to the cinema, galleries, restaurants, pubs.

Would you like a drink or a beer? It tastes the same at home as in a pub. If you want to eat a pizza, make it at home. You can talk to your friends on FB or virtually, it's possible. (…) we don't meet a million people, let's isolate ourselves a little as much as we can. Thanks to this, it may not become infected and you will not infect others. You have parents, they are worse off at the start. You will not infect others, others will not infect you. "

And such alarming entries: "(…) The fact that you feel good, you are 20-40 years old and you think that you can go toballets in the city, it only proves how stupid you are - maybe you will not die from respiratory failure in the course of coronavirus, but you can sell it to other sick, elderly, cancer patients, immunodeficient patients … or it will just turn out to be not at all you are not immune, and you will twist nevertheless. (…)

Do not lie to doctors / nurses / rescuers / Sanepid, etc., that you have not been abroad, that none of your relatives has been there, if the truth is different - then your conscience will see the deaths of people you infect. (…)

Quarantine, L4, epidemiological supervision are not holidays, sometimes for visits or games in a larger group. This is the time when your behavior can save someone's life. This is the time when you can decide about the fate of your loved ones. I do not wish anyone to feel guilty that because of your going to the gym, club, mass - your mother will die from the disease you brought home. (…) My point is that we should all take responsibility for the people around for the next dozen or so days. "

Together Against Coronavirus

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