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A child's development is most dynamic in the first years of life and is partially dependent on his innate abilities and predispositions, which are encoded in his genes. But a child's intelligence also largely depends on the upbringing and environment in which he grows up.

Every mom and dad, acting in the right way, can influencethe child's intellect . At the same time, it is not about throwing them with new creative or educational toys, employing a foreign-language nanny, playing CDs with foreign language courses from morning to night, sending them to a language nursery or using some sophisticated methods of mental training of babies. There are simpler and cheaper methods.

Developing a child's verbal intelligence

Research shows that there is a close relationship between how many words a child hears and how their verbal intelligence develops. In other words: the more you talk to your child, the richer your vocabulary will be in the future. Therefore, when carrying a baby, show him what you can see ("this is a table", "there is a car over there"). When changing your baby, name individual parts of his body, use words to describe the clothes you put on him, name the cosmetics and accessories you use when bathing or changing.


Teach your child to associate facts

The baby is unaware that each action is accompanied by a reaction. Therefore, on every occasion, take the baby in your hands and show him: now I will take a snap and the light will come on, and if I turn on the tap, water will flow. This way you will teach him that every action has consequences.

Flashing supports the development of intelligence

Before your child learns to speak, you can sign. Signing is a method of communicating with babies using signs from sign language. It not only enables communication, but also supports the development of its intelligence. This is because the left hemisphere of the brain is involved in learning to speak, while the right hemisphere is involved in flashing. Using both methods allows you to develop both hemispheres simultaneously.

Stimulating the sense of sight

Babies in the first months of their life most clearly see white, black and red. Therefore, instead of hanging a multi-colored carousel over the cot, hang large squares and circles in these colors for your toddler.these are the easiest things for your little one to stop his eyesight and learn to focus his attention.

Playing with a mirror stimulates curiosity

If you have a large mirror in the hall, stand in front of it with your baby in your arms. If not, show your toddler his reflection in the mirror. At first he will be surprised for sure, then "the other one" will arouse curiosity. With time, the little one will associate that he has an influence on what the baby does in the mirror, although it will require some effort from him. This is the first step to creating your own self.

Developing concentration and self-initiative skills

Give your toddler time to be alone with himself. This could be, for example, after lunch, before a nap, or before going to bed. Put him in a crib or chaise longue so that he can look around him, or put him in a playpen with toys. Such moments help to develop the ability to concentrate, and also give the child the opportunity to show his own initiative, because he can choose the toy himself.

You must do it

Sing and dance

Music and dance improve the mood of the child, but also familiarize them with the melody, rhythm and rhymes. So pick your baby up as often as possible and dance. You can use the music from the records, but just as well - sing to the child yourself. By listening to the melody, the little one learns to concentrate.

Massage your feet and backs

Massage accelerates the child's development because it creates more connections between neurons. Therefore, stroke, touch and massage your little one whenever you have the opportunity.

Make faces

Wrinkle your nose, blink once or again with one eye, curl your tongue into a trumpet and make a spout from your mouth. In this way, you will attract the attention of your child, who - curious about what you are doing - will observe you intently and thus learn to focus their attention.

Influencing the child's senses develops his intelligence

Monotony say "no". Why? Because nothing develops the mind more than the variety of sensations. Therefore, show your child that there are different shapes, colors, textures and sounds around him. You can buy an educational toy for this purpose or use what you have at hand: a metal spoon, a wooden spatula, a plastic cup or large pieces of materials. However, do it sensitively, because too many stimuli will make the baby tired and restless.

Reading books stimulates intelligence

A few-month-old baby will not understand anything from the text he is reading, but listening to the words, he catches their rhythm and stimulates his imagination. To the sitting toddler, not only read, but also show pictures, thanks to which he will learn to associate words with pictures.

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