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Lutefisk, fugu, hákarl, surströmming, Yin Yang fish - these are fish dishes for people with strong nerves and stomachs. The lack of a sense of smell is also an advantage when consuming them. Check why we don't recommend these delicacies to anyone.

The world uses unusual methods of preserving and preparing fish dishes - also from species most of us consider inedible, where our king carp - even sweet and with raisins, seems common.

Norwegian lutefisk

The national delicacy in Norway is lutefisk, the so-called soap fish. It is prepared by soaking dried cod (stockfish) in caustic soda, which is a highly corrosive substance. Lutefisk, characterized by its gel consistency, is safe to consume only after long-term soaking, carried out before cooking.

Japanese fugu

A speci alty in Japanese cuisine is fugu, a puffer fish. It is usually served in the form of raw slices of thinly sliced ​​meat (called sahimi). It can also be used in a dish prepared in a special cauldron. Eating fugu dishes gives you a thrill every time. Fish contains poisonous tetrodoxin, which paralyzes the muscles in small amounts, leading to death by suffocation. Only licensed chefs, specialized in removing the toxin, can prepare fugu dishes. But even the most meticulous cleaning of the fish does not give 100%. guarantee that we will experience such a feast.

Icelandic hákarl

This is a dish prepared by the people of Iceland from shark meat. The fish intended for its production is fermented. Traditionally, this process was carried out by placing shark meat in a specially dug hole, which was then covered with stones. Depending on the season, fermentation can take from several weeks to several months. This specific processing removes the toxic properties of fresh shark meat. The fermented meat is still dried. Hákarl has a gelatinous consistency, an intense ammonia smell and a taste that some people compare to a very mature blue cheese …

Yin Yang from Taiwan

This Taiwanese dish is also popular in China. ThatDue to the cruelty to the animal intended for consumption, the dish was banned in most countries. Yin Yang means dead-living fish. The species of fish is not important, only the method of pre-treatment and deep-frying. The activities at each of these stages are performed in such a way that the fish displayed on the table show signs of life (movement of the gills, eyes, mouth). Brrr …

Swedish surströmming

The delicacy of our northern neighbors is surströmming, or pickled herring. The uneviscerated fish is placed in barrels, and after one to two months it is repacked into cans where fermentation is still taking place. The gases generated during it cause a characteristic bulge in the metal packaging. The entrails of the pickled fish are removed only immediately before consumption. Thoroughly cleaned meat is seasoned with onion and cream and served with bread or potatoes.

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