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Nowalijki are associated with spring - green chives, crispy radish and a lettuce leaf on a sandwich are the first signs of spring in the kitchen. Boredom with cabbage or beetroot usually occurs at the end of winter, and fresh vegetables attract with colors and aromas. However, there are voices that spring vegetables should not be eaten at all, because they are bred on fertilizers and have no nutritional value.

Nutritionists agree thatspring vegetablescan be a variety and colorful addition to the diet, but they should not be treated as the main ingredient of meals.

Which early vegetables to choose?

Vegetables should smell fresh, not cardboard or other packaging. Choose vegetables from organic farms with the appropriate certificate.

Radishes without fertilizers

The best are medium-sized radishes - overgrown radishes prove that they were grown on heavily fertilized soil. The skin of a good radish should be firm and without discoloration. Pay attention to the color of the leaves - if they are yellow, it is also a sign that the vegetable was growing on the ground with a lot of fertilizers.

Buy lettuce without discoloration

The most harmful nitrates accumulate in the leaves on the top and the youngest ones in the center of the head. When choosing lettuce, pay attention to the appearance of the leaves - if they have spots, discoloration and are not firm, you should not buy it.

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Best chives

Just like when choosing a radish or lettuce - the chives must be green, resilient and without discoloration. If you are picking onions with onions, make sure the onions are not soft, moldy, or show signs of rotting.

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Who shouldn't eat spring vegetables?

Nowalijek is not recommended:

  • For allergy sufferers,
  • suffering from stomach ulcers,
  • People suffering from irritable bowel syndrome,
  • Children under 3 years of age (their digestive system is immature and functions differently than in adults, so spring vegetables may cause abdominal pain or rash).

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