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You have Irritable Bowel Syndrome and medications do not help much? Irritable bowel is a condition where your well-being depends less on drug therapy and more on your behavior. If you want to feel better, keep a medical diary and monitor your body's reactions carefully. Put on a proper diet and use relaxation techniques. Here is the decalogue of a patient with irritable bowel syndrome.

Irritable bowel syndromeis classified as a functional disease, that is diseases with organic causes. Doctors are inclined to the theory that hypersensitivity to the autonomic visceral system is at the root of irritable bowel syndrome.
Since it is extremely difficult to pinpoint the causes that provokeabdominal painprovoke diarrhea or constipation, you need to watch your body's reactions. Until recently, it was believed that one of the causes of ailments is living under constant stress, but it is still unknown whether stress causes you ailments or vice versa - recurring ailments and frequent visits to the doctor contribute to stress , irritation.
That's why you need to monitor your body to find out about situations that are conducive to malaise. If you conclude that stress is the cause of your trouble, you must learn to relieve it. No matter what method you choose, maybe counting to 10, maybe meditation or yoga - it's important that you can calm down, get a distance from reality.

Decalogue for a person with irritable bowel syndrome

» Keep a diary
Cross out a few words each day about your diet and events throughout the day. The records will help your doctor choose a therapy and help you to find out what is harming you. This will make it easier to eliminate products and situations that cause the worsening of ailments.

» Change your lifestyle
Organize family matters, marital problems, change jobs or tell someone about your traumatic experiences with childhood, it is sometimes a drug for those suffering from irritable bowel syndrome. So think about what you can do for yourself, what irritates you, what you can't deal with. Unconscious harm and low self-esteem are often the reason for malaise and worsening ailments.
Diet - an important element
There is not onean ideal diet for everyone, recommended for irritable bowel syndrome. You have to create a menu for yourself. This is important because although your disease is not life threatening, it definitely reduces its quality and imposes many restrictions. Eat what doesn't hurt you. If you ate something that worsened your symptoms, discontinue this product for 2 weeks. If your symptoms pass, you will know that this dish is not good for you. Avoid bloating foods - legumes, chocolate, carbonated drinks (it is still unknown whether the gas contained in the drink or artificial dyes are adversely affected). It is important to eat regularly and that your meals are not too heavy.
Stop eating in a hurry. Eating quickly, as well as sipping bites, is conducive to swallowing air, and therefore flatulence. Therefore, do not eat on the street, avoid snacking.

» Relax often
It doesn't matter where or when you go on vacation. It is important that you dedicate it to true relaxation and regeneration. Use every free moment for rest, hobby. Give yourself smaller and bigger pleasures to keep your mental balance.
» Your friend fiber
When you suffer from the constipated form of irritable bowel syndrome, fiber can be a lifesaver. A diet rich in fiber is considered to be one that provides the body with 30-50 g of fiber per day. This means that you would have to eat a few kilos of apples during the day, which is unrealistic. That is why it is worth supporting the body with preparations containing powdered or soluble fiber. However, in the case of diarrhea, the daily intake of fiber should be limited, so eat less fruit and vegetables.
» Do not tighten Although there is no clear evidence of adverse effects of tightening underwear, do not wear it every day, especially if you suffer from flatulence. The same applies to fastening belts too tightly, e.g. in trousers.

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