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A cleansing fast can last from 1 day to 6 weeks - usually 10-14 days. Consultation with a doctor is recommended if the cleansing fast lasts longer than a week. In what situations is a cleansing fasting recommended? Who can perform a cleansing fast?

The cleansing fastis designed to cleanse your body of accumulated toxins, soslimmingusing this method is not very effective. Even a one-day cleansing fast will give you a feeling of lightness and keep you full of energy.

Cleansing fast: what is detoxification?

Detoxification is the removal of toxins from the body, unnecessary metabolic products and unnecessary debris from our body. The cleansing process, of course, takes place on a daily basis. In every cell of the body there are special proteins whose task is to trap harmful substances and transform them in such a way that they can be removed. The organ that intensively neutralizes toxins is the liver.

The elimination of pollutants takes place through the intestines, urinary tract, respiratory system and skin, in accordance with the principle: what is soluble in water is removed by the kidneys, fat-soluble toxins - by the digestive system. However, our cleansing system is not always able to cope with all deposits, hence the idea for cleansing fasts.

Cleansing fast: when indicated

A cleansing fast can help you when you suffer from insomnia and sleep disturbances, fatigue and lack of energy, headaches, swelling, digestive problems (indigestion, constipation, slow digestion) and skin problems, prone to rashes and eczema . These symptoms may indicate that the body is overloaded with toxins.

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Cleansing hunger: unpleasant ailments

Various unpleasant ailments may appear during the cleansing fast:

  • purulent eczema on the skin
  • unpleasant and intense smell of sweat and urine, characteristic for the fourth day
  • bone pain
  • mood swings.

Do not be discouraged by them - they are signals that the body is freeing itself of toxins. After four days, all these sensations usually pass. A lot of people talk about the followingthen an extraordinary feeling of lightness and clarity of mind. The appearance of the complexion is improved. The senses are sharpened, especially the smell and taste. According to some doctors, the body rejuvenates by five years!

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Cleansing hunger: return to normal

Experts believe that the return to "normal" nutrition after fasting should last as long as the fasting lasts. You come back to food slowly: you start with infusions and decoctions of vegetables, after two days you can add boiled potatoes, grated apples. However, if you go back to your old (bad) eating habits, all your efforts will be wasted.

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