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Why is it worth considering purchasing a medical subscription? Queues in clinics, long appointments with a specialist or diagnostic tests in public he alth care institutions force us to use private medical care. You can minimize its costs by purchasing a medical subscription.

As part of the compulsoryNFZ insurance , we have a very wide range of medical benefits guaranteed. The problem is that you often have to wait a long time for their implementation, which we become aware of in times of sudden deterioration of he alth, when we need a quick specialist consultation or diagnostic tests.
Therefore, we useprivate clinicsmore and more often. offering shorter appointments and a high standard of medical assistance. It is worth knowing what the medical subscription is and when it can be used.

Medical subscriptions

They are offered by private medical centers. They can offer us several subscription options that differ in terms of the scope of services. The bigger it is (it can even include hospital treatment, dental treatment, rehabilitation), the higher the subscription price. Its cost also depends on whether it will be individual or
family (medical care is provided to the partner or children). The subscription en titles us to
use he alth services only in a clinic or network Healers in which we bought him, and to the extent that she offers. The fee for services is flat.
This means that no matter how often we use medical assistance, the premium does not change. Its amount is not affected by our current he alth, age and gender, which is a big plus of the subscription.

How much can it cost

A medical subscription can be purchased for around PLN 330 per year (i.e. around PLN 27 per month). It includes consultations with 16 specialists (with an additional fee of PLN 15 per visit), basic laboratory and imaging diagnostics and basic outpatient procedures. For the extended variant, which provides us with, among others unlimited (no additional payments) access to a larger number of specialists, a comprehensive range of outpatient and outpatient procedures, a wide range of imaging and laboratory diagnostics, pregnancy, dental prophylaxis, rehabilitation (usually limited!), butpay nearly 3,000 PLN (this sum can be divided into installments).

Hospital insurance

They can be purchased from insurance companies regardless of the he alth policy. It guarantees quick surgery, 24-hour medical care, stay in a higher-standard room, single or double room with a bathroom, choice of a doctor. Depending on the selected package (basic or extended), gender and age, the monthly fee is PLN 40-150.

monthly "Zdrowie"

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