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The 3D chili diet is not based on fasting and does not require us to count calories. It is varied and rich in essential nutrients. While following the 3D chilli diet, we can reach for chocolate and lose even 12 kilograms. All thanks to spices that accelerate the metabolic process. Discover what the 3D chili diet is all about.

3D chili diet. What is the 3D chili diet?

3D chili dietis a diet based on spices in 3 colors: yellow, red and green. The whole secret of the 3D chili diet is to choose the right amount of spices and combine them with the right ingredients of the menu. When properly combined, these spices form athree-dimensional calorie burning system .

Although the3D chili dietplays a major role in the chili pepper, green and yellow spices are also necessary. The presence of only one spice could lead to the body becoming resistant to it, and consequently stopping the metabolism and slowing down the fat burning process.

3D chili diet - red spices

Red spices include: chili, hot pepper, sweet pepper, pepperoni pepper, curry and black pepper. Thecapsaicin(and in pepper -piperine ) accelerates the metabolic process, and thus fat burning. Red spices are therefore an obligatory element of the dinner, because thanks to capsaicin we can burn unnecessary calories while eating.

3D chili diet - yellow spices

Yellow spices areginger ,cinnamonandcardamom . The main task of these spices is to stimulate the digestive system. Yellow spices facilitate digestion and stimulate the production of gastric juices, which is why nutritionists recommend seasoning soups and main courses with them. In addition, yellow spices suppress your appetite and prevent unhe althy snacks.

3D chili diet - green spices

Green spices includebasil ,oregano ,sage ,thymeandmint . Green spices soothe the stomach, gently regulate its work and reduce indigestion. In this regard, we should green spicesseason every breakfast. Green spices will gently prepare our stomach for the rest of the day.

3D chili diet. Attachment to the diet

3D chili dietdoes not require many sacrifices from us, but when using it, we should follow two important rules: sleep 8 hours and eat every breakfast. Insufficient sleep causes the metabolic rate to drop significantly. When we are sleepy, ghrelin is released from our cells - a hormone responsible for the increase in appetite. Therefore, 8 hours of sleep will certainly allow you to enjoy a slim figure. Also, don't forget to eat breakfast. During the day, your brain makes a lot of effort, and therefore needs a morning injection of energy in the form of glucose.

3D chili diet is not for everyone

The 3D chili dietis not for everyone. If you have stomach ulcers or any other disease related to the digestive system, consult your doctor and ask him if you can follow the 3D chili diet. The same recommendation applies to people suffering from hypertension.

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