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Depending on the variety of pepper, the dish made of it can be very sweet or hellishly spicy. Learn the best recipes for paprika dishes and choose the dish you want the most. We recommend pepper recipes from Mexico to Hungary.

About 200 varieties of pepper are known. Their fruits vary in size, shape, color, taste and use. Annual peppers are the most popular and have fruits that are white, yellow, orange, red, green, brown, elongated or round, with cream seeds.

Fruits of vegetable varieties, fleshy and sweet, can be eaten raw, added to meat, vegetable dishes and soups, they are marinated, dried, and pickled. The spicy varieties have less flesh, are spicy or sweet in taste. They are harvested when they are fully ripe, because then they are the most aromatic. Dried and ground, they are part of spice mixtures. The darker the color of the paprika, the more burning it is.

Mexican paprika recipes

There are over 120 varieties of paprika in Mexico, which are an ingredient of most dishes, ranging from snacks, through soups, stews, to sauces with meat or cheese.

Without paprika, there would be no chili con carne (a dish of ground beef and red beans with the addition of chili) or salsa (various variants of tomato sauce). Classic mexicana salsa is made of sweet tomatoes, green chili peppers and coriander. It can be salsa de tomato verde (green tomatoes, coriander, hot peppers) or salsa de chipotle (marinated green jalapeño peppers in tomato sauce).

The most famous moles (a mushy sauce made of grated or crushed products), served as a dip for tacos or burritos - are guacamole with avocado, tomatoes and chili peppers.

The most famous moths served as a sauce for a dish are moths poblano from chili peppers (according to the original recipe, 6 kinds of peppers are needed to make a sauce), vegetables and spices.

Leczo and stuffed peppers - traditional Hungarian dishes

Without paprika, there would be no healing - a hit of Hungarian cuisine. Traditionally, they are prepared seasonally, stewing peppers, tomatoes and onions in equal parts with the addition of lard (can be replaced with oil). Finally, the dish is seasoned with powdered paprika. Letchoit is served with meat dishes or as a separate dish with fresh bread. In Poland, this Hungarian vegetarian dish is often enriched with meat or sausage, which loses its original flavor.

Paprika is an important ingredient of cauldron dishes popular in Hungary, e.g. stews, which should have the consistency of a soup. It is traditionally prepared on fried, sweet ground paprika. Due to the fact that the pepper is easily caramelized, taking on a bitter taste, it is added to the fat after taking the pot off the fire. Then the meat and tomatoes are put in and then seasoned with hot peppers.

Hungarians love fish soup. Each house has its own recipe, but paprika is always used as a base next to fish. They eat paprika stuffed with minced meat and rice, and paprika with sausage and potatoes.

A national snack sold in street markets is Langosh - a pie fried in oil, served with butter, cheese, garlic or with a Hungarian paprika sausage that is unmatched in the world.

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