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Rum is a high-strength alcohol with an alcohol content of 37.5% to 81%, made from molasses or cane juice. There are different types of rum, from white to black, and therefore have different flavors and aromas. Rum can be consumed as a standalone drink or used to prepare drinks. However, as with other alcohols, its consumption should be moderate. Check out the he alth effects of rum and how to drink rum.

Rumwas originally a drink for sailors and slaves, used as bait for pirates to recruit sailors for the British Navy.

India and China are considered the cradle of rum, while it was brought to Europe by the Arabs. Its production expanded in Italy, Portugal and Spain. In the centuries that followed, rum production spread to South America.


  1. Rum - production
  2. Rum - types
  3. Rum - calories (kcal) and he alth effects
  4. Rum - how to drink rum?
  5. Rum - price, where can you buy it?

Rum - production

Rum is obtained in the process of alcoholic fermentation and distillation of molasses, syrups resulting from the production of cane sugar or sugar cane juice. There is no single method of making rum, the way it is produced depends on where it is made.

The first stage of production is the fermentation of molasses or sugar cane juice. Sugar cane juice is obtained by crushing sugar cane mainly in the French-speaking islands. Then yeast is added to the molasses or cane juice and fermented to produce cane wine.

Depending on the region, three fermentation methods are distinguished: spontaneous (with the use of yeast and naturally occurring microorganisms in the environment), controlled (with the use of laboratory yeast), and continuous controlled (in a constantly filled fermentation vat with continuous addition of molasses).

The final stage is maturation, which varies depending on the producer, both with the aging period and the type of barrels used. Most often the rum is required to mature for at least a year. Maturation takes place in old bourbon barrels, oak barrels or steel tanksstainless steel.

Rum - types

Rum is produced in over 80 countries using different methods, different fermentation, mixing and aging methods, hence the diversity of this drink. There are several categories of rum:

  • White or pure rum - it has a mild flavor, it is most often used to prepare drinks where a mild flavor is desired (eg Pina Colada, Mojito, Cuba Libre). White rum is aged for one to several years and then filtered to remove the color. As a rule, it is cheaper than the more mature rum. Popular white rums: Bacardi Superior, Don Q Cristal, Cruzan Estate Light, Oronoco, Mount Gay Silver, Matusalem Plantino, Rubi Rey, Diplomatico Rum Blanco.
  • Golden rum - has an amber or golden color, its taste depends on the type of cask in which it has matured, it may have a vanilla, almond, citrus, caramel or coconut flavor. Golden rum matures from a few to several years. Golden rums are used to prepare drinks with a stronger flavor. Popular golden rums: Abuelo, Appleton Special, Barcelo Dorado, Brugal Añejo, Bermudez Ron Dorado, Cacique Anejo Superior, Diplomatico Añejo, 5 Doorly, Don Q Gold, El Dorado 5, Gosling's Gold, Matusalem Clasico, Maui Gold Rum.
  • Dark rum - dark rums are light golden amber to black liquors, which are aged for at least several years in oak barrels. Dark rum is very aromatic and has a strong flavor. The most popular are: Cruzan Estate Dark, Bacardi Select, Flor de Caña Black Label, Barbancourt 3 Star, Diplomatico Anejo, Barcelo Dorado, Cockspur, El Dorado, Matusalem Classico, Mount Gay Eclipse and Santa Teresa Selecto.
  • Black rum - the darkest rum, made from molasses - a thick, dark liquid resulting from sugar crystallization. Black rum matures in heavily burnt or charred barrels. Black rum is used in the food industry to impart flavor and aroma to confectionery and bakery products. Among the black rums are Coruba, Cruzan Black Strap, Gosling's Black Seal, Maui Dark Rum, Myers's, Skipper Demerara, Woods 100, and Whaler's Dark.
  • Navy Rum - A dark rum dating back to the 17th century, it was produced for the British navy. Popular navy blue rums: Lamb's Navy Rum, Pusser's, Lemon Hart, Skipper Demerara and Wood's 100.
  • Premium Aged Rum - a blend of several age-old rums in order to achieve a unique taste and aroma. It has a dark color and a distinct flavor. This type of rum has an age statement on the packaging related tothe youngest rum in the blend, e.g. Appleton Estate 21 from Jamaica consists of older rums that are at least 21 years old.
  • Overproof Rum - a rum with a high alcohol content (containing more than 50% alcohol). This type of rum is popular in the Caribbean and used in cooking. The most popular rum in this category is Jamaica's Wray And Nephew White Overproof.
  • Cachaça - popular in Brazil, made from fresh sugarcane juice, short-term matured or unripened in barrels. The rums in this category include: Agua Luca, Beija, Beleza Pura, Boca Loca, Cabana, Cachaça 51, Cuca Fresca, Fazenda Mãe de Ouro.
  • Flavored rum - with the addition of dried fruit, ginger root, vanilla, allspice, cinnamon, cloves, fruit extracts, e.g. citrus, cherry, blackcurrant, mango, pineapple. Popular flavored rums: Captain Morgan, Sailor Jerry, Pango, Montecristo, Foursquare, Malibu Coconut Rum, Castries Peanut Rum Cream, Bacardi Limon and Dragonberry, Cruzan Mango.

Rum - calories (kcal) and he alth effects

Rum has the same caloric content as vodka, 100 g of this drink contain 231 kcal.

Rum can have he alth benefits when consumed in moderation. Research has shown the potential benefits of drinking this alcoholic drink. What is certain, however, is that drinking rum in excess, as with other alcoholic drinks, is harmful to your he alth. Consumed in excess and too often increases the risk of liver cancer, can cause diarrhea and vomiting, and is addictive because of high alcohol levels.

Potential beneficial effects of rum:

  • reduces the risk of heart attacks, increases the concentration of HDL cholesterol in the blood,
  • has antimicrobial properties, supports the fight against bacteria and the treatment of colds,
  • relieves arthritis,
  • reduces the risk of kidney cancer by 38% compared to non-rum consumers,
  • increases immunity,
  • has an antiseptic effect.

Potential beneficial effects of rum:

Rum - how to drink rum?

The way you drink rum depends on the type of rum.

White, gold and black rum works best in drinks. The most popular rum drinks include: Pina Colada, Mojito, Cuba Libre. They can also be eaten with the addition of ice or in the form of shots.

Flavored rum is best served with ice. Premium Aged Rum should be drunk in small amounts from a small glass.

Rum - the price where you canto buy?

The price of a rum depends on its age. Rum under the age of 8 will be available for less than PLN 100, and for rum aged 8 to 12, we will pay from PLN 100 to 300. Rum over 25 years old costs between PLN 350 and even PLN 1,400 for 700 ml of the drink.

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