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Regardless of the type of physical activity you choose, you will notice the first effects of working on your body after a few weeks. If not yet physical, then it is definitely manifested in better frame of mind, greater fitness, condition and awareness of your own body. Therefore, no matter what effect you want to achieve, it is definitely worth starting your activity today.

Choose the type of activity suited to your temperament, and the results will follow! As with diet, with any type of physical activity, the approach is extremely important: remember that changes in your body are actually a side effect of exercise, though many see it as an end in itself. Enjoy the activity itself, the movement, the better mood and those ubiquitous endorphins! You will see that then the effects will come faster than you think! Certainly not overnight, but they will come.

Types of exercises and their effects

ABS and strength training- strengthening the body, increasing the density and elasticity of the skin, increasing strength by strengthening the muscles, improving the figure and posture thanks to strengthening the muscles.

Aerobic exercise- fewer centimeters in the circuits (fat reduction), increased fitness and condition, "lightness" of posture, general strengthening of the body.

Yoga, Pilates- this group of exercises that, apart from physical benefits, primarily provides inner peace, de-stress, relaxation, strengthening, stretching and making muscles more flexible, slender figure, oxygenation (the pace is slow so you can work on learning how to breathe properly.)

Ball exercises- in addition to strengthening and stretching the muscles, reducing back pain, significantly improving motor coordination and balance, de-stressing.

Aerobics and choreographic exercises- they teach physical memory, control over your own body and lead it correctly in motion, some of the classes include dance steps.

Dance or exercises with elements of dance, such as zumba- this group of exercises is ideal for people who do not like monotonous repetitions of traditional training, exercises with a dance element increase self-confidence and significantly improve well-being , change the perception of oneself and oneselfbody, and eventually everything around it!

Thanks to movement (regardless of the type of activity) you will gain a lot:

  • self-confidence;
  • feeling better;
  • greater awareness of your own body;
  • you will de-stress!
  • better resilience and self-gratitude that you are doing something for yourself and your body;
  • coordination and physical fitness, which is also useful in everyday life.

Stay away from the weight!

Hide your weight first! It is difficult because the weight index is for us the most reliable guideline for changes taking place in our body. Unfortunately, it is not a direct reflection of how the body visually changes when we start training - it slims or gains firmness. It happens that to achieve the Brazilian buttocks effect, you need to gain a few extra pounds!

Observe your body systematically and see the effects here. If, however, for your own motivation, you need measurable results, try to measure your circumference with a tape measure rather than weigh it. Remember that the same unit of weight for fat and muscle occupies a different surface - fat is definitely more than muscle. So you have to reckon with the fact that despite the visual changes in your figure, the weight may stand still and even increase.

This will be useful to you

Rest day as important as the training itself

Although you may think at first that you can move mountains to achieve your goal, be smart about it. Do not exercise every day, using the possibilities and strength to the end - give yourself, and above all your body, time to regenerate your muscles!

The so-called "rest day", that is the time of rest (in some people it may be several weeks!) Is needed for the regeneration of muscles, but also for ourselves, so as not to get tired of exercising too quickly. Overloading can also have negative effects in the form of a decrease in immunity. So you have to be reasonable and moderate. However, if you love exercise so much that you can't do without it, mix activities - alternating strength training with aerobic training, etc.

Diet and regularity

Regardless of the type of activity you have chosen, it is important to stick to some important rules:

1. Diet- there is no point in starting exercise without it, even the greatest effort will be frustrated if you do not take care of what is on your plate!

2. Regularity- instead of suddenly starting to do all the exercises at once, develop an activity plan (taking into account the type of training and the frequency of exercise), and preferablyask a professional for help. It will help you choose the type of activity you want to achieve. When you start out on your own, set a schedule for your exercises - it's a good idea to start with 30-minute workouts, 3-4 times a week.

3. Burning.If, in addition to sculpting your figure, you also need to lose excess fat, strengthen your body in general, improve your condition and endurance, be sure to include cardio exercises in your training, which burn calories, accelerate metabolism and strengthen muscles.

4. Sculpture- the visual effect of exercise is usually what pleases us the most: flat stomach, firm buttocks, slender thighs, shapely shoulders … body, etc. To strengthen the muscles and give them the desired form, you must remember about ABS and strength exercises. This is a very common type of activity - no fast pace or the need to memorize choreographic patterns is required.

Many unnecessary myths have arisen around this group of strength exercises - including that it is associated only with muscle building. It's not true!

By exercising in the gym, we can develop a really slim and slim figure. However, if we have a few extra kilos, it is also worth reaching for other exercises, such as the already mentioned cardio (aerobics) and interval exercises (interweaving high-intensity exercises with moderate ones). Thanks to such comprehensive activities, sooner or later we will slim, firm and shape the figure.

And here's the bad news for people who do not like being active - we will never achieve the desired results with a diet alone. It is movement that most effectively supports the reduction of adipose tissue, accelerates metabolism, but also increases the amount of oxygen that reaches directly to the tissues that build our body and makes them better supplied with blood. This, in turn, significantly improves the appearance of our skin - it becomes taut, firm and more elastic, which makes it look much younger!

Changes in the body are only some of the positive effects of physical activity. If you want to achieve specific effects, choose the appropriate type of activity and observe the effects!


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