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Callanetics is a set of exercises for people who want to lose weight, improve their physical condition and well-being, but do not like exhausting workouts in the gym. What are the exercises and how often do you need to practice callanetics for the first effects to appear?

Classescallaneticsare sometimes called fitness without breathlessness, because the arrangement of exercises and the way they are performed engages the muscles without feeling exhausted. If you don't like dynamic workouts, callanetics is just for you! But it doesn't mean that you won't feel tired after an hour of callanetics (that's how long each class takes).

What is callanetics?

Callanetics are isometric exercises - they consist in constantly tensing muscles harder and harder and holding in a given position for a certain number of seconds. The exercises are quite intense, so it is not recommended to start with the entire training in the case of people who have not exercised for a long time. In such a situation, it is worth consulting a trainer who will choose exercises to start with.

The advantage of callanetics is that the exercises do not require additional equipment - you can practice wherever you see fit.

The author of the exercises is Callan Pinckney, who in the 1980s developed a method of body contouring without straining the joints. Callan struggled with congenital hip disease and back pain, so the exercises she offers are characterized by the fact that they do not burden the spine.

The exercises of Callan Pinckney also require precision of movement - there is no place for randomness here, and each bend or change of position is the result of a series of planned movements.

Although training may seem very difficult at first, it becomes enjoyable and relaxing over time. Once you easily start moving from one exercise to the next, you will be able to focus on feeling the tension in your muscles and listening to your favorite music, which should also relax and relax you.

Callanetics - what is the exercise?

1. Each workout consists of a set of exercises that are performed over the course of an hour.

2. Each time, the training consists of three parts:

- warm-up,

- strengthening exercises,

- stretching.

3. He does exercisesin repeating bursts of 50 or 100 seconds each.

4. The sequence of exercises and their duration are the same each time.

Do you want to try? Inhale by lifting your hands up. Stand hip-width apart and bend your knees slightly. Pull in your stomach, tense your buttocks. Lower your hands so that your palms are at the level of your elbows, and bring them backwards by joining the shoulder blades. Point the thumbs of both hands inward, but do not connect them. Tense all your arms. Balance your hands lightly and keep your entire body tense. Hold this position for 100 seconds.

Who is callanetics for?

At first glance, the exercises may seem very simple and undemanding. Only after trying, it turns out what focus and commitment they require. Nevertheless, callanetics is safe regardless of the age of the person exercising, because the original assumption of the training was to alleviate back pains. Therefore, the exercise program does not include jerky movements or excessive exertion, which can be harmful in some cases.

The individual exercises are performed only to the point where pain may appear, e.g. if at first it is difficult to straighten the leg, you can exercise with a slightly bent knee. Over time, your body will become more flexible and you will be able to complete each exercise correctly.

How often do you practice callanetics?

After 10 hours of callanetics exercise, you can see the effects - the body is slimmer and cellulite is less visible. You can exercise as many times a week as you need - by following only one rule: do not overload your body. If you feel that your body is shaking with fatigue, stop exercising and rest for a while. Trainers also recommend that you don't exercise every day and give your muscles time to recover. If you are highly motivated, you can exercise 3-5 times a week.

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