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Take the burpees challenge! Take on one of the most difficult fitness exercises that will sculpt and slim your legs, arms, stomach, and strengthen your back muscles. Stick to the training plan closely and you will be amazed at the effects of taking the burpees challenge.


  1. The burpees challenge: what is it?
  2. Burpees challenge: training plan

Not many people love burpees, so how do you convince yourself of the 30-dayburpeeschallenge that requires you to do this exercise daily? Perhaps you will be convinced by the fact that burpee is considered the most effective fitness exercise, which activates almost all the muscles of the body to work at once. In addition to strengthening the legs, arms, back and stomach, it allows you to get tired and burn a lot of calories. At the same time, you sculpt your body, and at the same time improve your condition and lose weight.

The 30-day challenge is intended for both complete beginners and advanced people. Even people with a very poor level of fitness can try their hand, because the training plan is designed to increase the load very gradually.

The burpees challenge: what is it?

The burpees challenge is to stick to a monthly training plan with a certain number of burpees per day (in addition to the 4 rest days). Depending on your level of advancement, you can choose the easier option - then you do 2 more burpees each day (except the last days), or the more difficult - each time you do 5 or 10 burpees more.

The goal is to do 75 (for beginners) or 150 burpees in a row on the last day of the challenge. The exercise includes: squat, plank, push-up and jump. Correct technique is very important, so if you've never done burpees before, read the detailed instructions on how to do them along with a list of the most common mistakes.

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Burpees challenge: training plan

Before you start exercising, remember to warm up for at least 10 minutes. You don't need to rush - perform the burpees at such a pace,which allows you to maintain a steady, strong rhythm without causing downtime. Each longer stop makes it difficult to resume the effort.

You can add variety to your training plan by choosing different variants of burpees - for example, burpees on one leg or with jumping on an obstacle.

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