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You want to lose your stomach quickly, but don't know how to go about it? The internet is full of training plans and diet tips for men and women to help you drop your tummy, but the truth is, sticking to a few simple tips is essential. Check out how to drop your belly by introducing the necessary eating and training habits into your life.

How to drop your bellyso that the effect is quick and lasting, and at the same time does not require a lot of effort from you? You surely have thought about it more than once and each time you quickly lost the desire to exercise, and the use of all diets ended up with the yo-yo effect.

Meanwhile, in order tothrow off your belly , you just need to remember a few rules every day and follow them regularly. Only systematic work on yourself will make you shed a beer belly, a woman's helix or excess body fat after pregnancy.

Here are 9 rules of thumb that will make you drop your belly without much sacrifice or backbreaking training.

Limit simple carbohydrates

To shed your stomach,avoid plenty of simple carbohydrates- but it's not about not eating them at all. Simple carbohydrates are especially needed after training, because they replenish the reserves of muscle glycogen and when consumed, they do not gain weight. In addition, they ensure a good and restful sleep because they produce serotonin, which helps you fall asleep and calms you down. Therefore, it is worth reaching for them in the pre-workout period and after training in the evening, before going to bed.

Simple carbohydrates should be consumed in an appropriate amount and not exceed the recommended dose, ie 0.8-1 g / kg body weight. These types of carbohydrates include fruit, rice, pasta, rice cakes, white bread and -especially- sweets, s alty snacks, cakes etc. you want to have a flat stomach.

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Drink enough water

Do you want to drop your belly?Just drink water ! It is assumed thatwe should drink about 8 glassesdaily, i.e. about 2 litersliquids. There is, however, a fairly important exception to this rule. If you eat more, you also need to provide more water, e.g. with a 2500 kcal diet you should drink 2.5 liters of water a day. There is 1 milliliter of water for 1 kcal.

Choose mineral waters, but be careful with the high sodium content as it causes your body to retain water and, instead of losing weight, can lead to weight gain.

Why can such a mundane habit help you drop your belly off? Water significantly boosts your metabolism, i.e. your metabolism. However, remember to drink it often, but in small amounts, because our body is able to absorb only about 1 liter of fluid within an hour. Otherwise, everything will end up in your bladder and you will not hydrate your body properly.

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Eat lots of vegetables

Vegetables and fruits help to shed tummy because they contain a lot of water, are low in calories and easy to digest, contain a lot of fiber and saturate the stomach. As a result,is less likely to get hungryand want to eat something fattening. Remember, however, that some vegetables can cause gas, such as legumes.

If you are not training but want to lose weight,eat fruit in the first part of the daybecause they contain a lot of simple sugars. You can safely reach for fruit also after physical exertion.

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Drink herbal teas

Herbal infusions help digest food and eliminate stomach problems such as gas, flatulence, constipation. The most advantageous will be, for example:

  • chamomile,
  • mint,
  • nettle,
  • lemon balm.

Also drink green tea, which is very beneficial for a flat stomach and helps to shed excess body fat around it.

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Do not exceed your daily caloric intake

You can drop your belly only when you arenegative energy balance . However, the point is not to starve yourself or suddenly cut 500 kcal, as that can backfire. To lose weight he althilycalculate your daily caloric requirementand then subtract 200-300 kcal from it.

In addition, remember that you should eat regularly, in reasonable amounts - thanks to this you will increase your metabolism, and it is a fast metabolism that is an ally in weight loss. Just don't eat too much or too hard to digest. No extremes are desirable, and a flat stomach diet should be balanced.

Don't do that

Avoid this especially in your diet if you want to shed your stomach:

  • sweet drinks- this is a caloric bomb that you often won't even feel. In a small can of such a drink there can be up to 8 teaspoons of sugar! In addition, if it is a carbonated drink, the more it can cause flatulence and increase the volume of the abdomen.
  • sweets- often contain harmful glucose-fructose syrup, which causes the accumulation of fatty tissue to a greater extent than white sugar.
  • s alty snacks- high amounts of s alt in the diet retain water in the body, which causes swelling, especially around the abdomen, and sudden weight gain. In addition, crisps or sticks are simple carbohydrates in pure form and a large amount of saturated fats that accumulate in the form of a puff.
  • gluttony- large portions of meals will definitely not be beneficial for your stomach, because the stomach will not be able to digest them quickly, and this will only result in gastric problems.

Interval training

As scientific research shows,interval training is the best way to lose belly fatand boost your metabolism, and thus lose weight!

Always do interval training either separately or after strength training. Make sure that it does not exceed 30 minutes, because then it is too burdensome for our nervous system.

Many people, especially women, often choose cardio training and run for hours on a treadmill or ride a stationary bike. This is not the best solution to lose excess body fat. Fat tissue during cardio training may be better burned (but it must be a long activity with a constant rate of 60-70% HRmax), but after the activity is finished, our metabolism will not work like thisas after an interval training session. It is this kind of physical activity that burns adipose tissue and speeds up metabolism, which remains at a high level even two days after the workout!

How often do you practice intervals to shed your stomach? Already15 minutes of exercisea few times a week will bring beneficial results.

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Don't forget about strength training

This is an anaerobic workout, i.e. the one that burns body fat best (this type of training also includes intervals). Perform it alternately with intervals. Thanks to this you will strengthen the abdomen, andthe greater the muscle mass, the smaller the fatty tissue .

Remember not to overdo the number of crunches, because this extreme can only emphasize your belly too much, and not help you shed excess body fat around it. The best exercises for a nice stomach are those that activate the entire body, e.g. burpees, jumping jacks, plank, because they both train the abdominal muscles and burn fat.

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Strength training for abdominal muscles can be done quite often because they are very resistant to fatigue and grow only when they are strongly activated. However, you don't have to devote a separate training day to them. Just add a 10-15 minute abdominal workout to the end of a given training session.

Avoid sitting for long periods

You will definitely not drop your belly by leading a sedentary lifestyle. In addition, in this position, the abdominal muscles go limp. In addition, our cardiovascular system does not work properly, and this leads to the deposition of fat and water retention in the body, which makes us simply swell.

If you are sedentary, remember to take frequent breaks. While you are sitting, tighten your abs from time to time. Also keep your body posture correct,pull your shoulder blades down and pull your stomach in . You don't have to take this position all the time, but remember to do it as often as possible.

Move a lot

Instead of using escalators, choose to go up the stairs, go for a walk instead of driving through two bus stops, and replace driving with a bicycle. Look for opportunities for physical activity and training everywhere.If you move a lot you burn a lot of caloriesresulting in a flat and sculptedbelly.

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