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Do you do makeup for fitness? It seems that makeup during intense physical exertion is not advisable. However, there are ways to look good in your fitness classes without damaging your skin. See how to do a light makeup for fitness.

Strongfitness makeupnot the best idea. Sweat in combination with makeup ingredients can clog pores and cause breakouts. Fortunately, this only applies to highly opaque foundations and concealers. Lighter cosmetics are allowed, but should also be used in moderation.

Makeup for fitness: for and against

If your complexion does not require many touch ups and you look good without makeup, give it up. The skin sweats intensely during exercise. Each additional layer that makes it difficult to breathe is a burden on your skin. What's more, sweat and high temperature contribute to exfoliation of the epidermis. Clogged pores plus old, flaky skin is the best way to develop pimples and blackheads.

But what if your skin is problematic and everyday makeup is a must for you? There is a way - a delicate make-up that will minimize the risk of irritation and will be resistant to abrasion. Such make-up made with the use of special cosmetics with a light formula should not hurt even the delicate skin.

How to do fitness makeup?

Thanks to new production technologies, today you can easily buy cosmetics that will not clog pores, and at the same time effectively camouflage skin imperfections. It's important to apply them sparingly and wash your face immediately after exercise.

Face makeup for fitness

If you do fitness outdoors, you should definitely apply sunscreen to your face. Especially in summer, when the sun is hot, and in winter when skiing, when the sun's rays are reflected from the snow, a layer of protective cosmetic is essential.

In a situation where you exercise in a closed room, the filter is unnecessary, and even inadvisable - just like any other cream, it will be an additional burden on the sweating skin.

When exercising, you should completely abandon the everyday foundation, especially if it has strong coverage. Replace it withBeauty Balm cream, or BB - is lighter, does not clog pores, and effectively evens out the color and hides minor imperfections. Do not use additional concealers or powders, because your skin will glow during exercise anyway. Also, blusher and bronzer is unnecessary - you will get natural blushes under the influence of heat.

Eye makeup for fitness

Going to fitness, we give up strongly emphasizing the eyes. We do not make lines on the eyelids or a cat's eye. We put aside eye shadow, crayon and eye-liner, which can easily smudge under the influence of sweat and, as a result, irritate the eyes and leave dirty streaks on the eyelids.

You can apply mascara, but you must use a waterproof mascara. If you paint your eyes with regular mascara, it will wipe off quickly at best, but it will likely leave blue marks around the eyes.

Lip makeup for fitness

Applying lipstick to fitness classes is also not the best idea. The color will wash off quickly as soon as you reach for a sip of water or if you accidentally rub your mouth with your hand. If you exercise outdoors, a sunscreen lipstick will come in handy. In winter, moisturize the lips with a good nourishing lipstick that will prevent the delicate skin from chapping off due to frost and wind. When exercising in closed rooms, it is best not to paint your lips at all or to apply only a nourishing balm. You can use a slightly tinting lotion to make your lips look appetizing.

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