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There are many factors that contribute to a he althy and effective sleep. One of the most important ones is a comfortable and tailored to the user's needs mattress. How to properly choose a mattress to enjoy a peaceful, solid rest?

In stores you can find many types of mattresses with different properties. There is no recipe for a perfect model for everyone, but knowing your needs, you can choose the optimal mattress that will make you enjoy your sleep. Check how to choose the best one.

How to choose a good mattress?

When choosing the optimal mattress, first of all, you should take into account your own body structure. When considering what the hardness of the mattress will be, the first thing you need to do is pay attention to your own figure. If, however, you are wondering what mattress to choose for a child, the foam model will probably be the best solution, which is recommended for the youngest or adults, whose weight does not exceed 65 kg.

The second primary aspect to pay attention to is your sleep position. A person who sleeps on the side will sleep differently on the same mattress than a person who sleeps on their back. If you sleep on your side, a medium-firm mattress is better as the structure fits more effectively around your shoulders and hips. However, if you sleep on your back, a firm mattress that provides stabilization during sleep will be optimal.

And which sleeping mattress will be the best for our spine? People who have back problems should consult an orthopedist on choosing a mattress. The specialist will suggest which model will be suitable for the problem. This is extremely important, because by choosing the right mattress, you can ensure a night free from discomfort or even pain.

One more important aspect that you should take into account when considering which sleeping mattress to buy is your own habits. Some people, while theoretically should sleep on a foam mattress, prefer the traditional spring model because they have slept exclusively on one for years. Sometimes individual preferences and habits become a key criterion.

Foam or spring mattress?

A large number of users are used to traditional spring mattresses. Growing popularity of mattressesfoam, however, shows that more and more people are becoming convinced of this type of mattress, due to its numerous advantages. Which mattress to choose: spring or foam?

A spring mattress is the most common answer to the question of what mattress to choose for a marriage bedroom. In turn, the foam models are characterized by a precise fit to the user and generating a large amount of heat, thanks to which sleeping on them is extremely cozy. However, they are recommended for single beds. An additional advantage is their low weight. They are easy to carry and rearrange.

Who is the spring mattress for?

Modern spring mattresses are significantly different from those you could buy about 20 years ago. Today, the most popular models that use pocket spring technology. Contrary to the old type of mattresses, the springs are not connected by a wire, but by a system of fabric bags. This translates into the durability of such a mattress, which does not deform over the years.

The spring system provides multiple points of support for the user, making spring mattresses famous for their longevity. Springs effectively follow the shape of the body. Therefore, it is a common choice if you are looking for a mattress for a couple. In the case of this type of mattress, one rule prevails: the more springs, the better the mattress will adapt to your body, providing you with adequate comfort.

Who is the foam mattress for?

Among foam mattresses, it is worth starting with the distinction between latex foam, memory foam and high-resilience foam. When choosing, the question is often asked which mattress is better - foam or latex. Each of them has different advantages. Pros of the latex mattress are:

  • very high point elasticity, which affects the correct positioning of the spine;
  • resistance to deformation and deformation;
  • antibacterial properties (also recommended for allergy sufferers);
  • porous structure facilitating air flow and draining moisture.

IKEA latex mattressis recommended for allergy sufferers and in places with high air humidity. And what are the advantages of highly flexible foam?

  • It is flexible and resilient, which translates into orthopedic properties.
  • Provides even support for the spine and the entire figure.
  • Despite the very precise adaptation to the body, the life of the mattress is not shortened.
  • The material inhibits the development of mites and allergens, it is also breathable.

Highly flexible foam is one of the latest technological solutions in the servicegood sleep. You can also consider choosing a memory foam. This type of mattress is distinguished by:

  • reacting to body temperature, thanks to which the mattress perfectly adapts to the user;
  • fit to the body reduces pressure, ensuring optimal relaxation;
  • memory foam is recommended for people who have problems with circulation;
  • is fully anti-allergic.

Thermoelastic memory technology was developed at NASA. It was originally used for space flights. Today, this modern solution is successfully used in mattresses. A large selection of this type of mattress can be found in IKEA stores, where you can also count on the advice of physiotherapists in choosing the optimal type and model.

What sleeping mattress will be good for our spine?

As already mentioned, the best mattress is one that will be selected according to the weight and height of the user. This also applies to the spine, which is subjected to considerable strain every day by tall, well-established people. The night is a time of rest for the back, so choosing the right mattress is as important as choosing the bed frame itself.

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On the mattress, the spine should have perfect support in every section. Hence, the stores are dominated by mattresses with a large number of springs and foam mattresses, which perfectly fit the owner's figure. Sleep position should also be considered among the determinants of choice. Hard mattresses are recommended for people who sleep on their backs, while medium-hard mattresses are best for people who sleep on their side.

The choice of mattress firmness is particularly important because many studies have proven the effect of the correct level of mattress firmness on back pain after a night sleeping on an unsuitable bed.

What mattress for a child?

Parents try to ensure maximum safety for each child. When considering which mattress to choose for a child, you should keep this in mind. Proper elasticity will ensure a good sleep, while adequate air circulation is a way to protect he alth, especially if children are allergic. Therefore, foam mattresses are more popular among children, as they ensure good air circulation and are anti-allergic.

What is the hardness of the mattress for the child?

Children, especially the youngest ones, have a small body weight. Therefore, a soft mattress in the H1 category (up to 60 kg) is most often chosen for them. It provides proper support for the entire body and also maintains the correct posture of the spine. Your child's needs will change over timethat's why parents often decide to buy a medium-hard mattress that will meet the requirements for a long time.

What mattress for teenagers?

With age, the needs of children change. In the case of teenagers, in addition to the proper level of mattress firmness, other aspects of mattress use must also be taken into account. They include:

  • easy to clean - teens often eat in bed, and also do not avoid dirty snacks;
  • antiallergic - this is one of the key criteria, because at this age, allergy symptoms often appear;
  • deformation resistance - teenage age is a dynamic change in the physiognomy of young people. A child's silhouette can change a lot over the course of a year or two, but if the mattress is properly selected, it does not need to be changed that often.

Medium-hard mattresses (H2), designed for people weighing up to 80 kg, are optimal at this age. They ensure a good and he althy sleep, and at the same time can serve for a long time.

What mattress for the bed in the bedroom?

There are three solutions to choosing a mattress for your bedroom. For singles with a single bed, you can put on a foam mattress that will fully adapt to the needs of one user. It is among the foam mattresses that it is worth looking for a model that can be most tailored to individual needs.

Couples can choose between two options. The first is a compromise, i.e. choosing a spring mattress that will adjust to each user individually. This is an undoubted advantage of this type of mattress, especially when the pair is different in shape. The second option is two mattresses on one bed. This way you can personalize your selection more. This is especially important if one of the users has back problems and needs a mattress with a certain hardness and structure. Common can remain for thisIKEA bedding set .

Accessories for the mattress in the bedroom

When choosing a mattress, it is worth equipping yourself with accessories that will not only protect the product, but also affect the comfort of its use. The mattress protector is very important as it protects against dirt. In turn, the mattress mat increases the comfort of sleep.

Mattress protector

A must-have for everyone who likes breakfast in bed. The protector protects against spilled juice that could permanently stain the mattress. Instead of the hassle of removing stains from the mattress, just throw the protector into the washing machine. A good protector is waterproof as wellwater resistance, which will extend the life of the mattress.

Mattress mat

The purpose of using a mattress mat is to increase the comfort of sleep. This is often a good solution when the hardness of the mattress does not fully meet the user's needs. It is an extra soft sleeper layer that moves with your body for maximum comfort.

Mats differ in the type of material used and their filling. This allows you to select the optimal model that will best suit your needs. It's also very easy to refresh the mat. It can be taken apart, aired or washed.

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