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Potency pills for women are not as popular as those that help fight erectile dysfunction in men. Potency remedies for women, however, are to work similarly to those for men: they increase libido and cure problems in the bedroom. Is it really so? Read what types of potency pills for women are available in Poland and what is the mechanism of their action.

Potency pills for womendo not have as long a tradition as those intended for men. The famous Viagra was launched in 1996, and this event was a breakthrough in the treatment of male impotence. After this event, women were remembered - work onlibido pills for womenbegan, which would turn out to be as effective as their male counterpart. A decrease in libido in women is often caused by the same problems as in men: stress and demanding work, and the related lack of willingness (and strength) for amorous frolics. A bad diet also does its job. In addition, there are reasons specific only to women: taking birth control pills, pregnancy and the time after it, as well as the perimenopausal period, when the level of estrogen in the body decreases.

So how (and if) scientists de alt with the problem of sexual arousal in women and whatremedies for female potencythey can use?

Potency pills for women available on the Polish market

It should be emphasized that although male Viagra is a drug available at a pharmacy, when it comes to potency remedies for women, you can only buy dietary supplements, not drugs with a similar effect.It is true that there are drugs available on the Internet for women that contain sildenafil, which is also used in the famous blue tablets for men. The problem, however, is that the composition of these specifics is very similar to Viagra, and the manufacturer, Pfizer, has an exclusive patent for it until 2022. Medicines for women are produced by another company and they are not officially available on the Polish market.

It is therefore much safer to reach for dietary supplements found in stationary and online pharmacies to support a woman's libido. These preparations mainly contain herbal mixtures intendedcause - like Viagra - congestion of the genital organs, and thus - greater sensitivity to stimuli (e.g. tactile) and a feeling of excitement.

Ingredients of libido-boosting pills for women

The following ingredients are usually found in potency supplements for women:

  • L-arginine

L-arginine is known primarily to people practicing sports, because it is supposed to increase the body's ability to exercise. What does L-arginine in potency pills for women? The substance is a precursor to nitric oxide II. From a colleague, maintaining a high concentration of nitric oxide II in the body causes the muscles of the blood vessel walls to relax, which results in a better blood supply to the genitals and greater sensitivity to sexual stimuli.

It is worth remembering, however, that L-arginine, taken in too large amounts, causes an increase in blood glucose levels and greater acidity in the stomach, so you should follow the standards of its intake.

  • Ginseng

Ginseng has a positive effect on he alth: it helps fight arthritis, lowers cholesterol and delays the progression of senile dementia symptoms. There have been many studies on the influence of ginseng on libido - scientists from the University of Guelph in Ontario, Canada, even analyzed scientific research on the influence of various herbs on sexual appetite - whether they act as aphrodisiacs. After going through hundreds of publications, they found that ginseng is one of the most effective agents in this matter - in both women and men1 .

  • Caffeine

The advantage of caffeine is that it also stimulates and does not reduce the intensity of the perceived pleasure. Caffeine also increases dopamine levels, and dopamine, in turn, stimulates the body's pleasure center. Caffeine also raises blood pressure, resulting in better blood supply to the reproductive organs.

  • Ginger

Ginger has a warming effect and this improves blood flow to the genitals. In this way, the clitoris enlarges and stiffens by filling the cavernous bodies with blood. However, ginger is more often used as an aphrodisiac for men than for women.

  • Muira puama

It is an Indian herb that is mainly used to help with libido problems in both sexes. Muira puama stimulates, strengthens and adds sexual energy. It also tones the functioning of the nervous system, calming and introducing you to an atmosphere of relaxation.

Worth knowing

Decreased libido may not be a conditiontemporary, caused by immediate reasons (stress, malaise, fatigue), but by a symptom of the disease - Hypoactive Sexual Desire Disorder (HSDD). Low sex drive syndrome occurs in women of all ages, and its treatment takes into account not only the physical symptoms of the disease, but also socio-cultural factors that may cause them: the place where the woman grew up or her religion. Treatment for HSDD is treated with hormone- and psychotherapy.

What are the effects of potency pills for women?

Potency supplements available in pharmacies for women, according to the manufacturers' declarations, not only fulfill their main function - increase libido, improve mood and energize, but also have an additional effect. As they are usually a mixture of various types of herbs, they support the functioning of the nervous system and metabolism (those preparations containing B vitamins), relax and reduce stress. It is worth adding that potency supplements for women only work a few weeks after you start taking them - they are not a temporary measure.

The effectiveness of potency pills for women

There are no scientific studies that would confirm the effectiveness of potency remedies for women. What's more, all preparations of this type available in Poland have the status of dietary supplements, not drugs - this means that their manufacturers do not have to present state authorities with scientific evidence of their positive effect.

The fact that the supplements in question consist mainly of herbs speaks in favor of being careful about their effectiveness. In women, libido disorders often have their source in the psyche or in abnormal levels of sex hormones. The problem is not a defective "mechanism" (as in men - the inability to maintain an erection), but the lack of desire. Therefore, the herb that improves blood flow to the erogenous zones is unlikely to make a woman feel like sex - it will possibly intensify her body's response to stimuli. In the case of women, psychological therapy and hormone treatment bring much better results.

Potency pills for women: side effects and contraindications

Supplements purchased at a pharmacy and taken as recommended by a doctor / on the leaflet should not cause side effects. Their use is not recommended for pregnant and breastfeeding women, and taking them in too high a dose may cause dizziness, nausea, breast pain and increased pain during menstruation.

On the other hand, the purchase of drugs unavailable in stationary pharmacies may have much more serious consequences - thisThis type of measures cannot be taken by people after a heart attack, stroke, ischemic heart disease, cardiac arrhythmia, low blood pressure. Contraindication is also leukemia, renal and hepatic failure, pregnancy.


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Worth knowing

Flibanserin, or viagra for women

In 2015, the media around the world proudly announced the sale (in the United States) of "female Viagra", or flibanserin, available on the market under the name Addyi. The problem, however, is that the effects of flibanserin, contrary to widespread advertising, do not have much in common with the effects of Viagra, and the launch of the drug was accompanied by quite a few problems. The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) twice rejected the possibility of making this female potency drug for use before finally agreeing to it. Doubts were raised by the drug's low effectiveness - the FDA conducted studies on it, in which women took part, claiming that they had an average of 2.8 satisfactory sexual intercourse a month. Some of the participants were given a placebo (sugar) and some were given flibanserin. It turned out that in the first group, the libido increased so that they were willing to have sex 3.7 times a month, and in the case of the second group, this ratio increased to 4.5. The study showed that the satisfaction with sex life caused by flibanserin is only 0.8 higher than in women who consumed … sugar.

However, even greater doubts as to the effects of flibanserin are raised by its impact on the psyche. Research on Addya had been going on since 1990, only that it was being investigated as a drug for depression, not for increasing female libido. Therefore, flibanserin cannot be compared with Viagra - the latter has only a "mechanical" effect, it prolongs erection by relaxing the blood vessels and increasing blood flow to the cavernous bodies in the penis. Flibanserin, on the other hand, has a much more serious effect: it stimulates the nervous system, increasing the secretion of dopamine and noradrenaline, showing affinity for the serotonin receptor. Increasing the level of dopamine and norepinephrine in the body causes a feeling of satisfaction similar to the one we feel in the first phase of falling in love. Thus, our desire for sex increases.

It is worth adding that Addyi does not work immediately, it is not an emergency drug and the first effects can be noticed only after a few weeks of use. You must not consume alcohol while taking flibanserin as this mixture would lead to violent behaviordrop in blood pressure which may make you faint. Other undesirable symptoms of taking flibanserin are sleep disturbances, vomiting, nausea and dizziness. Therefore, the FDA decided to allow the drug to be used only by women in the period just before menopause, after completing a special questionnaire with information about side effects. The drug can only be purchased with a prescription in the United States from certified pharmacies. Flibanserin is not available in Poland.

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