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Although a man should not be judged by his appearance, rules are nevertheless, and one's life. It has been scientifically proven that well-groomed people not only have greater success with the opposite sex, but also earn more.

Everyone is different, has their own values ​​and principles, tastes and tastes. So why adapt by force and become similar to others? Unfortunately, the answer is quite prosaic. In order to earn better and be treated more seriously. Sad but true.

And although it is known that some professions require more or less official costumes, more and more people are wondering how to compose their individual image in line with the style of the company and … the style of the boss.

American vs. European

According to economists at the University of Texas, wages of people who are physically attractive are on average 5 percent. higher in the so-called hourly system. Monthly, nice people earn over 20 percent. more than their uglier colleagues … Researchers also noticed differences in salaries among people of average beauty. Thus, in the United States, good-looking workers earn $ 42,000, slightly less handsome workers earn about $ 38,000, while those who are almost completely lackluster earn about $ 34,000. dollars.

In the case of women, weight and hairstyle play a big role. A study by New York scientists for a change shows that significantly overweight women earn an average of 17 percent. worse than their slim friends. For men, on the other hand, an important factor that determines adequate remuneration is growth.

Every two centimeters in America increases wages by 1.8%. Fortunately, the influence of appearance on promotion in Europe looks a bit different. In France or Germany, the best salaries can be counted on by modest people who do not flaunt their looks.

According to an expertPaula Śliwińska-Stańczyk, MD, PhD

In my opinion, the real image creation is to find yourself in fashion and trends. When working with clients, we always try to find something that will make a given person stand out, make them remain an individual, not just a gray crowd.

There can be many such elements: hairstyle, specific style (sporty elegance, vintage) or accessories (shoes, handbag, watch). However, this does not mean that it will be enoughbe original and interesting at the same time.

Only originality combined with what is fashionable, elegant and tasteful guarantees success. The golden mean is our taste and living in harmony with ourselves. A stylist, a fashion magazine or a friend can show us some solutions. But only when we feel natural in the new incarnation will it be real.

And where is Poland?

Unfortunately, we are closer to America with our approach to physicality. Almost 70 percent Internet users questioned by one of the portals admitted that the employer or the interlocutor makes a comprehensive assessment after only two seconds of contact. Two seconds is definitely not enough to present your skills or the best character traits, but enough to flash an elegant hairstyle or original jewelry.

You have to take care of your image

In order for our image to be convincing, it must be coherent and fastened with the so-called last button. Psychologists believe that how we dress and present not only affects how others perceive us, but also how we feel in our own skin. Lack of style or poorly chosen wardrobe can effectively inhibit career development, and the diploma of the best university may currently lose to greasy hair and bitten nails.

Worth knowing

Although image mistakes are much more often committed by men, women are the ones who advance more slowly. Statistics show that there are still significantly fewer women than men in high positions. So maybe the appearance is not everything?

How to create a perfect image?

Unfortunately, it requires a lot of time and money. You should take advantage of the advice of colorists, make-up artists, stylists, as well as a speech therapist and psychologist. You also need to take care of your image. Visits to the hairdresser at least once every two months (more frequent visits are recommended for colored hair).

In addition, you should replenish your wardrobe at least three times a year. It's best to get rid of things that we have no illusions about not wearing again. Storing the creations in a wardrobe for a few years works only in sporadic cases.

There are no strict recommendations regarding colors, although you should be aware that intense greens, oranges and yellows that are fashionable this season may have a negative impact on the recipient.

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