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The crocodile drug is an extremely dangerous poison. Addiction and death are a minor matter compared to what the crocodile does to humans in life. The flesh falls off the bones in sheets. How does the crocodile work? What are the effects of taking the drug crocodile?

The crocodile drugwhich containsdesomorphineis a Russian invention, the effect of a pest attack on Afghan poppy plantations. Faced with the decline in the supply of heroin and its very high price, the drug addicts' sobieradki invented a crocodile ten times stronger than it. A crocodile is a dramatically contaminated morphine derivative that causes a person to decay in life.

Why is the crocodile drug so dangerous

The substance that acts in the crocodile is desomorphine, a derivative of morphine that was obtained in 1932 in the USA. Produced under pharmaceutical conditions and administered in controlled doses, it has an analgesic and sedative effect. Crocodile desomorphine is produced in a cottage industry using simple ingredients. The drug is contaminated with gasoline, thinners, hydrochloric acid, iodine and phosphorus. In addition, the substance works very strongly, it causes addiction after the first use. People who take a crocodile die 2-3 years after the first time at the latest.

What are the effects of taking a crocodile?

The crocodile owes its name to the effects it causes after taking it. A greenish trace appears at the injection site, caused by rotting of damaged tissues. It is said that the crocodile literally burns veins because of its strong acid content. The lesion spreads to cover with scales that resemble the skin of a crocodile. The poisons contained in the drug disintegrate the body, which cracks and rots like a dead man's. Life can be saved by the immediate cessation of the crocodile use and the amputation of the damaged legs or arms. But even such drastic treatment does not guarantee protection against progression of body degradation and death. The crocodile, otherwise known as "maładiec" or "ruska hera", is, according to addiction specialists, an invention of the drug addicts themselves. Just like in Poland "compote" made of poppy seeds. Experts hope that "compote", much less toxic than the crocodile and as cheap as it is, will preventthe spread of the deadly drug from Russia in Poland.

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