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The frosts have hit us with great force. The temperature has dropped below 10 degrees Celsius, it gets even colder in the evenings, and weather forecasters forecast more frosts. How to prepare for such a temperature drop? Because let's face it - it is a lot of effort for the body. How to survive severe frosts?

Low temperaturesare nothing unusual in winter, but they always surprise us.How to protect yourself from frost ? When the frost comes, it is more difficult to get infected than during the blight and thaw, but freezing greatly weakens the body. Then bacteria and viruses to which you are immune can grow quickly.

Big frost? Eat a hot meal in the morning

If you are grimacing at the thought of morning porridge, cereals, porridge with dried fruit, or - even - scrambled eggs, you are not right. A hot meal of carbohydrates will fuel your body when you have to wait longer at the bus stop, and even when there is only a way from the parking lot to go. It is important to provide your body with plenty of vitamin C. Remember that a glass of orange juice will cool you down, just like green tea, while it will provide you with vitamin C. So it is better to replace citrus fruits with our native apples, pears, possibly kiwi fruit or pomegranates. Instead of green tea, red or black tea with the addition of fresh ginger, as well as coffee boiled with cardamom, ginger and a bit of honey warms up perfectly.

Big frost? Take the

bar in your pocket

On frosty days, give up a restrictive diet. Add a teaspoon of honey or brown sugar to the petals. Energy will be needed. It is good to have a bar (it can be muesli), a piece of dark chocolate or a bag of dried fruit. When your energy drops and it looks like you will spend some time in the cold - it can be easily replenished.

  • Eat fatty fish, increase the amount of protein in your diet. Make bean or lentil soup. Give up salads and salads. Choose cereal and boiled vegetables.
  • Eat nuts. These are foods that have a warming effect.
  • Also add spices - thyme, rosemary, marjoram instead of hot pepper and paprika. Contrary to appearances, spicy spices are cooling, although it seems otherwise.

Big frost? Rest and sleep are important

When the temperaturedrops below 10, 15 degrees, the body needs to regenerate more. If you feel sleepy after returning from work, lie down for a short, even 15-minute nap (unless you can afford a longer one). It is very important that you sleep at least 8 hours a night in frosty weather. On such days, stress is also worse. If you feel tired at work, step away from your computer, straighten your back, and then think for a moment about some pleasant event that has made you happy. Maybe it will be an image of a hot beach on the azure sea in the tropics? You will immediately feel warmer in body and soul. After a few minutes of being in the "land of happiness" like this, your mood will immediately improve and you will feel relaxed.

Big frost? Put on the onion

Air traps between the layers of clothing, which is a natural insulating layer. Wear several layers of clothing, preferably made of natural fibers - cotton and wool. When the wind is blowing, try to wear something that is not ventilated so that the wind does not "get heat" out of your clothes. It is very important to wear a hat as a lot of heat escapes through the head. More than through the hands and feet that we always feel the most cold. Do not wear shoes that are too tight and uncomfortable during frost. Then you are more likely to freeze your feet. It's best to wear shoes that fit a pair of woolen socks.

  • If you like to play sports in such frosty weather - remember not to sweat. Then the body loses a lot of heat and you may be exposed to immediate cooling down.
  • And if you get cold - you can drink tea with rum to warm up, but this is after you return home. Never do it in the cold, because alcohol only seemingly heats up, after a while it causes even greater cooling.

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