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The educational program Love with your heart, developed by the website, the monthly "Zdrowie" and the substantive patrons, is going to save the hearts of Poles, constituting a compendium of knowledge on how to prevent heart diseases and treat those that have already appeared. As part of the Love with your heart program, we also present 10 rules for caring for the he alth of this organ - read this decalogue for the heart!

Love with your heart is an educational program prepared by the website and the monthly "Zdrowie" together with substantive partners: the Polish Cardiac Society, the Institute of Cardiology, the National Center for Nutrition Education IŻŻ, the Radioklinika website, the Children's Heart Foundation and the OD-WAGA Foundation . The aim of the program is to draw attention to the problem of circulatory diseases in Poland and to put emphasis on prevention and promotion of a he althy lifestyle. Therefore, as part of the program, we have prepared a number of publications devoted to the prevention and treatment of heart diseases. An internet platformwww.kochajsercem.plwas also created, where you can find a number of advisory articles on methods of preventing heart disease, proper diet and innovative treatment methods.

How to take care of your heart? Find out at!

Taking care of the heart is all the more important as its condition begins to build even before it is born - explains prof. dr hab. n. med. Piotr Hoffman. This is determined not only by the course of pregnancy, but also by how the parents lived before our conception. If they did not care for oral hygiene, were obese or smoked cigarettes, they can tell us a tendency to various diseases, including cardiological ones. Poor eating habits, lack of exercise, smoking and alcohol abuse that watch children "code" in them a lifestyle that will lead to hypertension, ischemic disease, heart attack or stroke in the future. So how do you care for your heart? Children need to develop he althy lifestyle habits. Adults should quit smoking, move around, learn to rest and follow the Mediterranean diet.

According to an expertRafał Dąbrowski, prof. extra Institute of Cardiology, Warsaw

Decalogue of caring for the heart

1. No smoking- smokers are 2-4 times more likely to develop a heart attack and die on average 10 years earlier. Smokingimpairs the transport of oxygen to the body's tissues, increases blood clotting, toxic substances damage the artery wall. Stopping smoking reduces the risk of heart attacks, strokes and blood clots by up to 50%. This is helped by active counseling, appropriate motivation, and pharmacotherapy.

2. Proper physical activity- minimum 30 minutes 3 times a week with an increase in heart rate over 120 / min. The best forms of exercise are walking (possibly with poles), controlled jogging, cycling, swimming, aerobics (aerobic or aerobic exercise).

3. A he althy, balanced diet, weight control and effective treatment of lipid disorders- 4-5 varied meals a day, lots of vegetables and fruits, low animal fats and cholesterol. Low-density LDL cholesterol is responsible for the formation of atherosclerotic plaque in the arteries of the heart. Its rupture causes a blood clot to form, closure of the coronary artery and a heart attack. Lowering the concentration of LDL cholesterol in the blood below 100 mg% significantly reduces the risk of a heart attack.

4. Blood pressure control and in case of hypertension, which concerns almost every third Pole- its effective treatment. Target pressures assessed at rest, at home, should not exceed 140 / 90mmHg. Reducing the supply of s alt in the diet<6 g/dobę, redukcja masy ciała i wzrost aktywności fizycznej zmniejszają ryzyko wystąpienia choroby. W przypadku braku skuteczności zalecane jest systematyczne leczenie farmakologiczne czyli regularne przyjmowanie tabletek.

5. Blood glucose control.In Poland, 1.6 million people (about 6%) suffer from diabetes. People with diabetes are more likely to suffer from heart disease. They also develop atherosclerotic changes faster in other arteries, and heart diseases are more severe.

6. Treatment of inflammation in the body- caries, gum disease, flu infections and others, as they are important in the development of atherosclerosis. They should be properly diagnosed and effectively treated.

7. Control of stress and psychosocial factors.The elimination of stresses that occur after prolonged stress on the body is crucial. One should strive to balance the rhythm of work and rest. It is very important to control and treat harmful psychosocial factors: depression, anxiety, feeling of social isolation, hostility, anger.

8. Eliminate or limit alcohol consumptionto a maximum of 10-30 g per day. Alcohol consumed in excess directly and indirectly adversely affects the heart and blood vessels.

9. Performing an ECG and blood tests at least every two years or moreincluding blood counts, glucose, cholesterol, kidney, liver and thyroid function.

10. Observancemedical recommendations.

Source: "A he althy heart - 10 tips from a practitioner cardiologist" - Rafał Dąbrowski, prof. extra Of the Institute of Cardiology, Warsaw,

What loves your heart?

1. No cigarettes

2. Movement

3. Treatment of inflammation

4. He althy Eating

5. Sugar level control

6. Regular pressure measurement

7. Reduced Alcohol Use

8. Regular examinations

Hypertension - the most common cardiovascular disease

They can be treated effectively. In patients with stage I hypertension (systolic 140-159 mm Hg and diastolic 90-99 mm Hg), the therapy begins with a change in lifestyle, i.e. increasing physical activity (at least 3 times a week for 30 minutes) and changing the diet that will allow lower the level of bad LDL cholesterol and get rid of excess weight. It is also important to significantly reduce s alt. If, however, the blood pressure cannot be lowered, antihypertensive medications must be taken.

Method for atherosclerosis

There is no effective cure for atherosclerosis. The goal of treatment is determined by the patient's state of he alth, i.e. the advancement of atherosclerosis itself and coexisting diseases. Treatment is designed to stop the changes taking place in the arteries. This can be achieved by changing your habits and changing your lifestyle. You should quit smoking and introduce a diet high in fiber, low in animal fats, and reduce s alt and alcohol intake. Physical activity is extremely important. Regular exercise regulates cholesterol levels. If your LDL cholesterol levels are not lowered by lifestyle changes, you will need to take statins.

A diet that serves the heart

The heart needs the most potassium, calcium, magnesium, selenium, zinc, silicon, but also vitamin D, folic acid and omega acids. Why? Because just as a bad, i.e. too fatty and sweet diet leads to heart disease, so he althy - rich in macro- and microelements, unsaturated fats, fiber and vitamins helps build a strong heart. Most heart-he althy substances can be found in foods - fresh vegetables and fruits, groats, wholemeal products, fish, seafood, nuts, lean dairy products and lean meats.

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