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Is green coffee really an effective slimming agent? Producers promise that green coffee reduces appetite, accelerates fat burning due to the content of caffeine and chlorogenic acid, and thus supports the weight loss process. It is also supposed to add energy.

Green coffeeis regular coffee that has not been roasted.Green coffee supplementsare available in the form of instant coffee or tablets. These preparations are often additionally enriched with dietary fiber, chromium, herbal extracts, caffeine, ginseng and green tea extract.

Green coffee and slimming

It is commonly believed that green coffee is a proven slimming agent. All thanks to the content of chlorogenic acid.

Green coffee and blood pressure

Green coffee extract contributes to lowering blood pressure. Such conclusions were reached by Japanese scientists who assessed the effect of green coffee bean extract (EAD) on the blood pressure values ​​of rats. The reported positive effects, researchers attribute the effect of caffeoylquinic acid, one of the main components of the extract.

This is confirmed by other Japanese specialists from He alth Care Research Laboratories. The results of their research suggest that the daily use of ECE may lower blood pressure in patients with mild hypertension. The subjects were given EZZK in a dose of 46 mg, 93 mg or 185 mg. A significant decrease in the value of systolic and diastolic blood pressure was observed in the group of people taking EAD in a dose of 93 mg and 185 mg, depending on the dose taken.

Action of green coffee

Producers promise that green coffee:

  • slimmer
  • accelerates metabolism
  • reduces appetite
  • helps to maintain an adequate level of cholesterol
  • adds energy
  • supports the reduction of cellulite

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Green coffee is considered a slimming aid. It is green because the processing of the beans is complete before the roasting process. They are therefore normal coffee beans that have not been thermally treated or fermented. Due to the fact that the high temperature did not penetrate inside the beans, it is preservedsome of its properties remained. Green coffee extract in the USA has been recognized as a dietary supplement supporting weight loss. However, the studies conducted so far do not confirm the 100% slimming effect without side effects.

Green coffee beans contain chlorogenic acid - CGA. Thermal treatment (coffee roasting) drastically reduces the content of chlorogenic acid, so only green beans have slimming properties.

Contraindications to the slimming treatment with green coffee

  • pregnancy or breastfeeding
  • heart disease
  • hypertension
  • diabetes
  • age under 16

Does green coffee work?

It's worth remembering that magic pills don't exist. The use of green coffee without a proper diet and regular exercise will not result in a spectacular drop in kilograms, but it will give a chance for the yo-yo effect. It is true that the chlorogenic acid and caffeine contained in green coffee contribute to the acceleration of metabolism, but the most ordinary potatoes also contain chlorogenic acid, and caffeine is not lacking in traditional coffee or Coca-Cola. It should also be emphasized that the method of losing weight with green coffee has not been fully tested. Initial research results are optimistic, but scientists do not fully know which green coffee ingredients accelerate the weight loss process. In addition, volunteers who tested this drug used both diet and exercise under the watchful eye of experts. Therefore, green coffee can be treated as a supporting supplement, combined with rational nutrition and long-term development of he althy eating habits that will result in maintaining the achieved figure.

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