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Urinotherapy, that is urine treatment, is one of the practices of alternative medicine. Although there is no scientific evidence to justify its effectiveness, urinotherapy is still used by people in many diseases. What do we treat with urine? When can urinotherapy help?

Urynoterapiais a very controversial method of treatment, which dates back to folk, unconventional medicine. Already in ancient Egypt, China and India, it was believed that urine can cure almost everything - from inflammation of the skin, through colds, to serious diseases such as cancer. Urinotherapy is based on the use of urine in certain diseases - usually your own (auto-urinotherapy). According to this theory, urine can be applied in various ways: externally - by rubbing, soaking, rinsing, compresses or irrigation, internally - drinking, or even injecting. Although in our culture the thought of drinking your own urine is rather disgusting, elsewhere - such as India, Mexico - it is completely natural.

For and against urinotherapy

Urinotherapy has a group of supporters who emphasize that urine contains a lot of vitamins and microelements necessary for the proper functioning of the body. In addition, it is a sterile, natural and 100% safe fluid. When it is reintroduced into the body, antibodies begin to form in the body, which increases its immunity. Some even argue that the toxic substances that get back into the body gain healing properties. There is also a theory that when the body is exposed to pathogens, it begins to produce antigens that also enter the urine. Urinotherapists believe that since, for example, antigens of specific types of cancer and antibodies produced by the body to fight the disease are present in the urine, it is worth reintroducing them into the body. Opponents of urinotherapy note that urine is a waste product containing components rejected by the body not to be reabsorbed. Yes, it contains a small amount of valuable substances, but there are probably other - more pleasant and reliable - sources of obtaining them? In addition, urine outside the bladder ceases to be sterile, and is even exposed to contact with dangerous bacteria,which, e.g. after drinking, will enter the body. Who's right? Unfortunately, it is not known, because there are no reliable studies confirming the effectiveness of urinotherapy, as well as those which would suggest that it is of little value or even dangerous to he alth. However, it is hardly surprising for people who, not finding help in conventional medicine, start looking for it elsewhere - usually fighting with themselves and breaking their disgust.

What do we know about urine?

According to the definition in a biology textbook, urine is the fluid excreted from the body, consisting of waste products that are useless or harmful to the body. 95% of it is water, 2.5% of nitrogenous metabolic products - including urea - and the rest are minimal amounts of other substances, e.g. dye, glucose, amino acids. Urea, which seems to be the main cause of the confusion here, is a product formed during the transformation of, among others, proteins. It is a chemical compound responsible for the proper hydration of the stratum corneum, which is why it has been used in cosmetics, such as moisturizing body lotions and face creams. The first cream with urea was produced in 1943 - only because this compound was known over a hundred years earlier. As you can guess, the question of its origin was important here, although it should be noted that the urea found in cosmetics is synthetically obtained.

Healing effects of urinotherapy

According to the promoters of urinotherapy, urine is an antidote to almost all diseases, including:

  • has a positive effect on skin problems - enzymes, vitamins and minerals contained in urine help to get rid of acne, psoriasis and infections with a fungal or bacterial basis, and fight stretch marks and scars; enthusiasts of the healing properties of urine add a little bit of it to the shampoo, which is supposed to have a positive effect on the appearance of the hair, or to the face tonic, which is to improve the elasticity, hydration and firmness of the skin;
  • treats sinusitis and migraines - to get this effect, rub a little urine around the sinuses or temples;
  • disinfects wounds, heals inflammations, has an antiseptic effect - here we also use urine externally;
  • prevents periodontitis, heals pharyngitis - in the form of mouth rinses;
  • helps fight cancer - by cleansing the body of toxins and strengthening its overall immunity;
  • helps you fall asleep, treats asthma, colds, diabetes, Lyme disease, hemorrhoids, depression, stomach ulcers, candidiasis, and even AIDS and infertility.

Contraindications to urinotherapy

  • drinking alcohol
  • chemotherapy
  • radiation therapy
  • taking psychotropic drugs, antidepressants, as well as painkillers and antibiotics

Urinotherapy: course of treatment

As a preventive measure, it is recommended to drink a glass of fresh, morning urine daily. More sensitive people can dilute it with water or another drink, e.g. juice. Therapeutically, all urine plus 1.5 liters of water per day is drunk with the use of fasting. Such fasting, lasting several days, should be performed only under the supervision of an experienced urinotherapist, preferably in a proven natural medicine center. In some cases, subcutaneous urine injections are also used.


A grain of truth about urinotherapy

The lack of scientific evidence to justify the use of urinotherapy in the above-mentioned cases does not mean that it is not really an effective method or that it is even a superstition. "No evidence" only means that no one has conducted adequate clinical trials. However, it is important to know that this research is extremely expensive. Only large pharmaceutical concerns can afford them. And these, in turn, will not do them, because what for? Even if the research confirmed the therapeutic value of urine, the companies would not profit from it, because you cannot patent a naturally occurring chemical compound. Well, it just doesn't pay off. However, the fact is that many mothers going to the PEDIATER DOCTOR - not to any quack doctor - heard that we can cure thrush the fastest by rubbing them with a nappy soaked in… baby's urine. There are people in the world (and there are many of them) who use urinotherapy on a daily basis, or who are convinced that thanks to this method they have overcome a very dangerous disease, and today they enjoy full he alth.

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