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Do you find it difficult to focus and are you trying to improve your concentration with coffee? Try herbs - some of them also improve association skills and make it easier to focus, and when drunk in certain amounts, they do not cause adverse side effects.

It has been known for a long time that our concentration is influenced by many different factors. Diet, sufficient hydration of the body, sleep and exercise are important. Herbs can also improve association and learning. They are easy to use: just pour a teaspoon of the herb with a glass of boiling water, leave it covered for half an hour, and when the infusion cools down, drink it.

Althoughyou have to wait a bit for the effects of their effects and you should not overdo them(you should not drink more than 2-3 glasses of infusion a day), it is worth using them take advantage because, unlike some supplements, they do not have side effects. Which of them are the most effective?


Ginseng rootis the most famous natural agent supporting the ability to focus attention.This plant is a treasury of active compounds - the most important of them are ginsenosides, which improve the transport of oxygen in the nervous system , control the level of serotonin and dopamine, have a positive effect on the process of learning and remembering.

Ginseng also contains a number of other compounds, including polysaccharides, flavonoids, vitamins and minerals, choline, and fatty acids. It can be used in the form of a powdered raw material, which is infused in hot water, or in the form of tablets.

Japanese ginkgo

Ginkgo biloba isa valuable remedy for improving concentration, memory and preventing dementia . Ginkgo contains i.a. ginkgolides A, B, C, J and M, as well as biflavonoids characteristic for this species: amnetoflavone, bilobetin and ginkgetin. The herbal raw material is the leaf plates produced by this beautiful tree, from which - after drying - medicinal preparations are prepared.

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Tonatural energy- for this purpose it is used in many countries of South America, where it comes from. The seeds obtained from guarana havealmost four times more caffeine than coffee . There are also other substances in themstimulating the nervous system: theobromine and theophylline. Guarana not only has a positive effect on the ability to concentrate, but also quickly adds energy. There are both drinks and guarana tablets available for sale, as well as dried, powdered seeds from which you can make an infusion for drinking.

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Mountain rosary

Also known as "golden root". Similarly to ginseng, it definitely improves mental and intellectual efficiency, becauseimproves the work of the brain, including the ability to remember and concentrate.It also adds energy and relieves anxiety, improves resistance to stress. The rhizomes of this herb contain valuable active compounds, including rosavin and rhodioloside. In Poland, the easiest way to buy it is in the form of tablets.

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