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Smoky eyes makeup is universal and very simple. Classic smoky eyes can be done in just a few minutes - all you need to do is practice beforehand. Effective and expressive makeup is a great complement to an elegant outfit, and a delicate and girly look is suitable for everyday use. Check out how to create smoky eyes makeup in a few simple steps.

Smoky eyestoclassic makeup , which only looks very difficult to do. In fact,smoky eyesis a makeup made of shadows of different colors. Classic smoky makeup is mostly associated with black cat eyes, but you don't have to limit yourself. This type of makeup can be done in any color, depending on your mood, type of beauty and eye color. Therefore, eveningsmoky eyesin a dark color does not have to give way to smoky eyes on a daily basis. Before you start applying make-up, complete the set of necessary cosmetics and decide in which shade you are going to create classic '' smoky '' eyes.

To make smoky eyes you will need:

  • the shadow you chose as the main one - the shade on which the eye makeup will be created;
  • shade in pearl or nude color - shiny, iridescent;
  • light, matte shadow;
  • shadow in a dark color (darker than the main shadow) with shimmering particles;
  • eye pencil;
  • covering concealer or eye shadow base;
  • mascara with a thick brush;
  • cat's tongue brush;
  • thick and dense eyeshadow brush.

Watch the video for an evening smokey eye makeup look

Smokey eyes makeup - step by step

Step 1 - prepare your eyelids for makeup

Eye make-upstart with applying concealer or eyeshadow primer. In this way, you can even out the color, cover the eyelid with a film, thanks to which the make-up will stay in a very good condition for a long time.

Step 2 - optically brighten and enlarge the eyelids

Use a light sand or nude shade, preferably with sparkling particles. Apply the eyeshadow to the corner of the eye, and then rub it in the crease and a little bit on the arch, on the upper and lower eyelids. Make sure there is a shadowonly in the corner, do not rub it in the middle of the eyelid. Then use a pale, matte eyeshadow and apply it to the upper eyelid just below the brow bone. Also rub the shadow over the entire fixed eyelid. Such treatments will allowto visually enlarge the eyelidand the eye, and will give the effect of illumination.

Step 3 - the easy way to thicken your lashes

Useblack pencilor a matte eyeshadow (for eye shadows, use a cat's tongue brush which is stiff and has good contours). Draw a dark line right on the eyelashes to make them visually thicker, and then gently rub the contour - rub mainly into the space between the eyelashes. Draw a similar line at the lash line on the lower eyelid and (in the case of a pencil) on the inside of the eyelid. Also rub too strong lines. If you lack a steady hand, use a matte eyeshadow or use a soft eyeliner, and instead of running an even line along the edge of the eyelashes, make dense "dots" with the eyeliner - then rub the dots with a cotton swab or brush to an even line.

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Step 4 - add some color

Choose the `` main '' shade, which will play the first fiddle in the make-up and will be the most visible. For the classicsmoky eyes , it is best to choose a shade in a shade of black, deep gray, purple or navy blue. But remember that you don't have to limit yourself. You can also match the shade of makeup to the color of your eyes, e.g. choose pinks for green and brown eyes.

Apply the selected eyeshadow to the entire surface of the upper movable eyelid. Just remember not to paint over the bright, illuminating shadow in the corners. For this, choose a soft, relatively thick eyeshadow brush and try to pat the color with dense `` patches '', then you will achieve a more natural color than by rubbing the shadow. Also, try to model the eye contourwith the `` shadow patches ''and adjust the make-up to its natural shape, e.g. by slightly lengthening the arc or rounding it. Stains of color placed in this way are easier to tame later and, if necessary, model or improve the shape with a brush.

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Do the same for the lower eyelid. Place the shadow spots from the outer corner of the eye on the lower eyelid - so that it can be easily joined with the shadow arc on the upper eyelid. Finally, even the makeup with a brush creating a natural color of the eyelids and joining them together in the outer arch.

Step 5 - makeup with a bit of gloss

To complete your makeup, use a slightly darker shade that may be similarshade or completely different color - it is important that the balance is kept. Do not use a blue eyeshadow when you have chosen pink as the main one. On the other hand, combine dark brown with black or gray without fear. The shadow should containshimmering particles . Apply a little shadow on the upper and lower eyelids at the lash arch, where you used the pencil before. Finally, gently blend the shade to blend naturally with our main shade.

Step 6 - long and voluptuous lashes

The last step insmoky eyes makeupis mascara. Match the mascara to the color of the eyes and shadows used for makeup. However, black mascara works best in smoky eyes makeup. Mascara the eyelashes a few times - preferably 2-3 times, because with more, not very aesthetic lumps may form.

Et voilà!Evening smoky eyes makeupis ready.

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