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The makeup of the eyebrows looks complicated only on the surface. Women who paint their eyebrows every day spend little time on it, and the effect is amazing. Appropriate makeup that emphasizes and shapes the eyebrows and accentuates their color, allows you to emphasize facial features and optically increase the surface of the eyelid. Learn how to create the perfect eyebrow makeup every day in just a few simple steps.

Eyebrow makeupseems risky because the effect is often caricatured. Not all women decide to paint their eyebrows during their daily makeup. This is mainly due to a lack of skill and fear of achieving an unnatural effect. However, it is worth considering a little underlining of the eyebrows, which will visibly emphasize the facial features. The appropriate eyebrow contour will visually enlarge the eyelid and pull it upwards, and the expressive color of the hairs will give the face an elegant, feminine look.

There are several methodsof eyebrow painting , depending on your needs and preferences. At the beginning, it is worth thinking about simply emphasizing the eyebrows and fixing the shape with a brush. The next stage of makeup is contour and filling. Unfortunately, you have to do a few tries in front of the mirror, because with such makeup, practice makes perfect. Remember that the first step in eyebrow care is always adjustment. Firstadjust your eyebrows , then think about their perfect shape. If you are concerned about adjusting your eyebrows yourself, contact an experienced beautician who will also show you how to regulate your eyebrows and keep them thick.

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General rules for eyebrow makeup:

  • The color of the filling (shadow, crayon or modeling gel) should be similar to the color of the eyebrows, and preferably slightly lighter, so as not to contrast too much with the natural color of the hair.
  • For eyebrow makeup, always use an oblique brush with hard and stiff bristles, which will properly shape the eyebrow contour.
  • Try not to choose oily colored pencils, because the filling may settle on the hairs, and then you will achieve an unnatural and too strong effect.
  • If you want to have thick eyebrows that you can adjust the way you dreamed of, use special conditioners for eyebrow growth. The conditioner should be applied every day, and the effect will be visible after a few weeks.
  • Beforeby applying gel, shadow or other filler, thoroughly brush the eyebrows with a brush, and then smooth with your finger so that they return to their natural form.

Quick eyebrow makeup

The fastest way topainting and shaping your eyebrowsis to use the eyebrow shaping gel with color. The eyebrows should be combed with a comb or brush. Always brush your eyebrows in the direction where the hair grows and always against the hair, never against the grain. If you have properly adjusted eyebrows and the arch is sharp, then such eyebrow makeup is definitely enough. Thanks to the use of a fixing / coloring gel, you can be sure that this form of eyebrows will last all day.

Eyebrow makeup with crayon

Only use the crayon to cover areas with visible gaps or unevenness. At the beginning, focus on evening the color, and also tightening the bow if it is too short. Start makeup from the areas outside the arch, and run the pencil gently so as not to leave too strong a color. This method is mainly about unifying the color of the eyebrows, and thus enhancing and filling the existing contour. You don't need to additionally outline the eyebrows at the top and bottom of the arch. At the inner corner of the eyebrow, fill in the gaps in the direction where the hair naturally grows, i.e. upwards. After completingof filling the brow arch with , brush the hair from the inside to the outside of the arch. Pull the bristles with the brush towards the top of the arch to even out the outline. The brush allows you to evenly distribute the excess crayon.

How to choose the perfect eyebrow shape?

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Eyebrow makeup with shadow - sharp contour

For this type ofeyebrow makeupalways choose a shade that is similar to the color of your hair. When you are not into make-up, choose a color that is a shade lighter than the color of the eyebrows - then it will not stand out unnaturally. Make-up always with a slanting, sharp-ended brush that will work like a lip liner. Start makeup by applying the eyeshadow with a brush in those places where there are clearances. Start drawing the eyebrows from the outer part and gently extend the eyebrow line, if necessary. Then focus on the inner part of the arch (the part facing the eyelid). Create a sharp contour at the inside edge of the eyebrow. Repeat the action also on the upper arch of the eyebrow. Gently comb the eyebrows with a brush and (also with a brush) even out the contour from the top, arranging unruly hairs.

Complementing theeyebrow makeup- for advanced users, there is theconcealerapp. Apply some of the concealer that you are using on to the brushevery day to cover imperfections. Apply the corrector under the inner ridge of the eyebrow, right next to the edge and do the same for the outer ridge - the upper one. Apply the concealer extremely gently and in small amounts, only to optically enlarge the eyelid and emphasize the perfectly outlined arch of the eyebrow.

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Source: Dzień Dobry TVN / x-news

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