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Natural makeup is designed to emphasize the beauty of a woman and add a bit of freshness and delicacy to the face. Nude makeup can be done very quickly with the use of cosmetics that every woman uses every day. How to quickly and efficiently create real nude makeup without the mask effect? A few simple steps will help you learn a quick daily makeup routine.

Natural makeupis a way to hide imperfections without being artificial. Makeup in the color of the skin is not difficult to do - in a few minutes, thanks to the steps described below, you can create makeup that will emphasize your natural beauty.

Make-up is based on foundation and powder

Nude makeupstart with applying the terracotta powder. Only a few cosmetic brands have decided to launch this product, but this type of bronzing powder can quickly gain recognition because it is lighter than traditional fluid and has more delicate colors than classic bronzer. Its silicon-silk texture makes it easy to spread on skin that looks slightly tanned. Due to the fact that it has a semi-matte finish, it can be used by women with oily skin. It is discouraged, however, for women with skin with numerous imperfections, because it has poor coverage.

If you do not have such a cosmetic, you can use a regular foundation. Ideally, it should be a silky foundation, but not very covering. Remember thatnude makeupis intended to emphasize the naturalness and freshness of the complexion, and not to create a mask effect. The perfect foundation is a shade darker than your natural skin tone. After applying it, the face should look he althy and radiant, as if it was lightly sun-kissed.

The concealer covers imperfections and signs of fatigue

Dark circles under the eyescan be covered with a liquid concealer, applied from the lower eyelash line to the cheeks. A bit of the preparation can be applied to the upper eyelids, both movable and immovable, to brighten the entire eye and even out the color. Lightly pat in the cosmetic to get rid of the excess, and the terracotta and concealer colors will blend together. Use concealer to mask individual, visible imperfections. If skin imperfections are very visible, then you need to mask more. Choose the corrector according to your needs,e.g. cover broken blood vessels or pinkish skin with a green concealer. Do such activities before applying foundation or powder.

According to an expertDaniel Sobieśniewski, make-up artist KOBO Professional

Spring versionnude makeupis first of all a perfectly smooth face, that is, we use all cosmetics to mask imperfections, starting with the right base, through a properly selected foundation and concealer. We gently illuminate this face, because this season the complexion is full of radiance. We accentuate the cheekbones and the tip of the nose and chin with the shimmering powder. Pastel shadows and raspberry lip gloss complete the look.

See how to do nude makeup

Source: TVN Style / x-news

Source: X-news

The powder adds color to the skin

Instead of classic powder, it is worth investing in sun powder. When choosing it, make sure to choose a matte version of the cosmetic, and not the illuminating one. Apply this warm, slightly bronzing product to the entire face using a large, soft brush.

To fully create the perfectnatural makeupyou need to finish it with a nude powder that is not too shiny, which is perfect for modeling your face. Use a large brush to apply the product to the tops of the cheekbones. You can also model your chin with this cosmetic. Apply a little blush to the center of the cheeks with a flat blush brush.

Illuminate the eye and lift the eyelid

Remove the excess of foundation and concealer from the eyelids with your finger. Cover the entire movable eyelid of the eye with a creamy sand-colored gel eyeshadow. Apply a matte, light shadow on the fixed eyelid up to the eyebrow line - this way you will lift and open the eye. Using a round brush, apply the golden eyeshadow to the lower eyelid, creating a thick, clear line. Finally, mascara your eyelashes with black mascara.

Enhance the natural density of the lips

If you wantlip makeupto blend in nicely, apply a bit of golden eyeshadow just above Cupid's bow. Paint your lips with a light pink lip gloss in a natural shade or cream lipstick. If you have emphasized your eyes too much, paint your lips with a regular balm or a transparent lip gloss. However, if the eyes look very natural, then emphasize the lips with a peach-colored or delicate raspberry lipstick.

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