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The blusher allows you to emphasize the natural color of the complexion and adjust the contours of the face. How to apply this cosmetic so that the effect is satisfactory? How to choose the right blush and what are their types? Check in the text below!


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  3. Blusher: how to choose its color?
  4. Blusher: how to choose it?
  5. Blusher: types

Blushergives the face an energetic and sometimes even playful look. In history, it was sometimes compulsory, but also strictly forbidden. Now, next to red lipstick, it has become an inseparable element of the Parisian style. Is it easy to choose the perfect blush? How not to ruin your makeup by choosing a blush that is not suitable for you? Read everything you need to know about blusher.

Blusher: story

Before cosmetic blusher was invented, the inhabitants of Ancient Egypt and Greece used strawberries and mulberry fruit to color their cheeks. In Europe, beetroot, raspberry and May lily of the valley juice played the same role. A popular way to achieve blushes was to pinch your cheeks, which of course was enough for a maximum of several minutes (enough to take some good photos, right?).

In the Middle Ages, blushes had very bad connotations. They were associated with impure thoughts and coarseness, and a porcelain pale, flawless complexion was desired. The blushes and the darker shade were indicative of coming from a poor part of society, the one working in the field and forced to exercise. Cosmetic blush returned to favor around the 17th century, when the cheeks were lubricated with lead that was hazardous to he alth. Later, along with the development of make-up and the increasing freedom of artistic expression, blusher became a permanent part of the make-up bag.

Is it worth applying blusher?

Currently, pink cheeks are synonymous with a he althy complexion and a vigorous body. They emphasize the shape of the face, and together with the bronzer they create a perfect duo. The blusher makes the make-up complete. In a crisis moment, if you don't have a blush at your disposal, you can replace it with your pink or even red lipstick and rub it with your fingers.

Blusher: how to apply it?

First of all, it is worth remembering that the cheeks, unlike the eyes or lips, are not the strongest element of makeup, so you need to apply blush in moderation. Especially in the case of evening make-up, the application of the blush should be kept to a minimum, so as not to distract from the effectively made-up eye or strongly accentuated lips. In daytime makeup, you can apply a little more blush to make the skin look fresher and more rested.

When applying roses, remember not to smile. When we smile, our cheeks go up, so if we put on the blush then its line will lower when we stop smiling. Always apply the blush at the end of makeup. Spread the cream with your fingers and then powder it. Apply loose or stone-cut brush on the already powdered face - first pick up the rose, then touch the brush on the edge of your hand.

The cosmetic must not be too much on the face, so start applying from the temples, so that the thickest layer remains under the hairline. Remember to rub the contours - the places touched with pink should not be clearly cut off. If you go overboard with the amount of the cosmetic, use a foundation sponge or powder it more.

Blusher: how to choose its color?

In the case of pink, the first thing is to choose the right color and shade. Knowing whether peach or cherry is right for your type of beauty is essential. A wrong color will stand out unnaturally from the rest of the make-up and will be easily exposed as a false blush.

When visiting the store, place the rose in the palm of your hand and check that it is similar in color to the pinkish fingertips. This way you will find the perfect natural shade. There is no perfect solution to choosing a color. Brunettes with porcelain complexion and blue eyes may suit slightly raspberry pink, but those with a peach shade of skin the more orange.

Pay attention to the color of your lips or the shade of your everyday lipstick, eye color, hair color, skin color - when choosing a blush, take all these factors into account. It's worth it, because you only need to choose the color of pink once, and that's good. While your skin is tanned, you can choose a darker shade of the same color as usual.

Blusher: how to choose it?

When you find a blush color that suits your cheekbones, you can choose the type that best suits your favorite makeup habits. If you are prone to allergies, it will certainly be safe to use the previously tested oneyour skin with a brand of cosmetics.

The prices of blushers start from PLN 10, but in exclusive drugstores you can buy roses for PLN 300. This cosmetic, like other pigments, lasts a long time and is usually very efficient, so you do not need to save on it. It is important that it stays on the skin for at least a few hours and that it harmonizes well with your powder and foundation.

Blusher: types

Stone blush (in powder)is the most popular and most common on shop shelves of roses. The cosmetic works in the same way as stone powder and should be applied with a brush with an oblique shape intended for blush or bronzer. The undeniable advantage of blush in stone compared to other types is that if you apply too much of the cosmetic, you can quickly wipe it off with a tissue. It stays best on powdered skin.

Stick blushis gaining more and more popularity due to its exceptional convenience. It looks like a lipstick and works similarly, however, it is intended for painting the cheeks. Its advantage is the ease of achieving precision in making makeup and the fact that you can do without a brush. You can toss it in your purse and add vigor to your face at any point in the day.

Cream blushis characterized by exceptional durability. You can apply it with your finger on "bare" skin only touched with cream. Its use requires accuracy and a certain amount of practice. It is a favorite of Parisian women because it gives an expressive and natural effect.

Loose blushmost often has the form of a mineral powder. It requires the use of a brush, but it is characterized by high durability. It is still the least popular form of pink, which makes it not so easy to find it in drugstores.

What's in blusher?

Contemporary blush is sometimes even 100 different pigments combined into one cosmetic to obtain the right shade. The composition of the cosmetic depends on the type of blush, so it will be different for blush in cream and blush in stone. Each blush contains ingredients that dilute the pigment, preserve the cosmetic, and provide adequate skin coverage and adhesion, such as talc, zinc oxide, titanium oxide, stearic acid, silicone.

About the authorKatarzyna Zielińska Journalist associated with as a collaborator. A lover of natural care and colored cosmetics, as well as herbal medicine and he althy eating. Co-founder of the Naru beauty salon in Warsaw.

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