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Flavors and smells also play an important role in our sex life. Some increase the desire, others the contrary. Some work only on women, others only on men. For example, the scent of vanilla makes men play in bed more promiscuously, and the scent of burnt rubber stimulates women.

But it's not all about that. It turns out that the inclination to certain tastes and smells can determine sexual preferences, a tendency to such and not other sexual behavior. So, if you want to find out what kind of partner she / he turns out to be, just invite her to a dinner full of flavors and fragrances. Here are some popular fragrances that are said to be the most determinant of sexual preferences in partners.

His favorite fragrances:

Vanilla- gets excited easily, it's a "dog" for women. If you are counting on a more lasting relationship with such an individual, then don't get your hopes up. He loves one-off adventures and most of all he loves himself. In bed, he likes to dominate, often even resorting to violence.
Cinnamon- belongs to the kind that he would like to, but is afraid of. He doesn't mind a woman taking the lead, but at some point she wakes up and takes over. His ideal is a woman who can compromise.
Fresh cucumber- he has no inhibitions in bed. It is open to experimentation, but does not impose anything. He can hold back when his partner doesn't feel like something. At the same time, he can caress her to such a state that she will agree to anything.
Kawa- is a very suspicious person. He will go to bed with you of his own free will, but a moment later he will wonder if you dragged him there to catch your baby's daddy. He whines in bed and still doesn't like something. She doesn't like to overexert herself, which is why she loves her most willingly when she is upstairs.
Fresh bread- he is an experienced lover, even perfect, because he cares for his partner to experience pleasure. And it can do a lot in this direction. He is not even discouraged by her coldness, for he knows it will warm her up quickly. He knows many interesting tricks.
Tobacco- is a type of erotomaniac storyteller. He is confident of his great possibilities while in actionthings should still be a long time and he should learn a lot. But some women might like this behavior.

Her favorite scents:

Orange- very sensual lover. And since she is gifted with outstanding intelligence, she knows how to make both of them as satisfied with sex as possible. She can maneuver in bed in such a way that he feels like the master of the situation, although in fact she is the one who pulls all the strings and strings.
Rose- delicate in bed, just like in life. Very sensitive, she likes gentle, slow sex, no experiments, no gadgets. Orgasm occurs quite slowly and many more impatient lover may not like it. But when he manages to wake her up, it will be a satisfaction!
Chocolate- she likes to surprise her partners in bed, can play with sex - and this is her big plus as mistresses. She loves playing with gadgets and can take care of them herself. It is very easy and quick to reach orgasm. And she can have an unlimited number of them.
Ginger- she prefers to be shown what she has to do by her partner and she is eager to learn. She is quite shy, but when she gets into the hands of the master, she gets up quickly and can even surprise him with something. She does not forgive betrayal, for her love and sex are one thing.
Mint- she can go all the way in bed, but only with a lover who has a fiery temperament like hers. She's definitely not a good sex teacher. She likes one-off quick numbers, but when she falls in love, she is faithful to the end of the world.
Strawberries- very shy, even timid. He does not like making love in front of the light, he is reluctant to show him his whole body, although he may have a model one. It takes a long time to persuade her to have oral sex, not to mention anal sex.

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