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The so-called "covid fingers" are one of the symptoms of coronavirus infection. They are often the first or even the only symptom of COVID-19, although in many patients they only appear after cough, fever or weakness have subsided. What do covid fingers look like and how do you know if this symptom can signal COVID-19? How to soothe the discomfort associated with covid fingers and is it necessary to contact a doctor?

Covid fingersis one of the first and many people's only symptom of COVID-19. However, there are also observations that the toe changes appear after the cough or fever has subsided.

According to the data provided by Dr. Ivan Bristow from The College of Podiatry in London, covid fingers - next to measles-like rash, urticaria, macular erythema, vesicular eruptions resembling chickenpox, maculopapular lesions and reticular purpura belong to the so-called . symptoms of coronavirus and are classified as "chilblain-like lesions".

What do covid fingers look like?

Characteristically, the changes, referred to ascovid fingers , affect both the fingers and toes. The lesions are asymmetrical, the fingers are initially red or purple, then the skin becomes blistered and ulcerated. The fingers are swollen, they burn, and they can also hurt.

An update on COVID toes by Dr Ivan Bristow on behalf of the COVID-19 Committee at The College of Podiatry.https: // The College of Podiatry (@CollegePodiatry) November 2, 2022

Covid fingers - how long does this symptom last?

Covid fingers are not a permanent symptom - according to Dr. Esther Freeman, the head of the international dermatological register COVID-19, presented during a presentation at the European Academy of Dermatology in Switzerland, these changes last about 12 days on average.

However, there are exceptions - researchers have observed that in some people (who tested positive for the coronavirus) these changes lasted for more than 60 days, there are also patients whose skin changes, including covid fingers, do not even after 130 days from confirmation of infection, they disappeared.

Covid fingers - how often do they occur?

From the information published so far, including articles describing nearly 1,000 cases of patients with various skin symptomsCOVID-19 shows thatcovid fingersis one of the most commonly reported dermatological symptoms of infection, accounting for 40 percent of all dermatological problems in COVID-19 patients.

Interestingly, the average age of the patients is 23.2 years, which would suggest that these changes mainly affect younger and middle-aged people.

Covid fingers - is this a reason to contact a doctor?

Changes in the color of the skin of the fingers, swelling, blisters, burning or pain - these signals should arouse vigilance and be an impulse to contact a he alth care doctor, as they may indicate a coronavirus infection. So you shouldn't underestimate them.

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