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Do you suffer from muscle cramps? Do you have painful calf cramps? There are many supplements in the pharmacy that will help you get rid of these ailments. However, before choosing the best ones, you should read their composition and check that they contain the right vitamins and minerals to help get rid of cramps. Check which preparations for muscle contractions to choose.

Muscle crampsare most often associated with deficiencies of certain elements in the body. To supplement their deficiency, you can enrich the menu with products containing them or reach for dietary supplements from the pharmacy. They are recommended primarily to people who perform intense physical effort (e.g. athletes), use an incorrect diet (excess carbohydrates and proteins with an acidifying effect), drink significant amounts of coffee, as well as those who have a weakened body (states of fatigue, stress) or take antihypertensive drugs (mainly diuretics).

Muscle cramps - magnesium supplements

Magnesium is a proven method for muscle contractions. This element regulates the transfer of element ions from the intercellular space to the interior of the cell, which affects the proper functioning of the muscles. Therefore, preparations containing magnesium prevent muscle cramps.

Muscle cramps - potassium supplements

A frequent cause of muscle cramps is also low potassium levels, i.e. hypokalemia. Potassium is an element that takes part in the transmission of nerve impulses in the nervous and muscular systems, and ensures the correct course of reactions related to muscle contractility. It is responsible for the strength and endurance of muscles, and also supports their regeneration. Therefore, in the case of a deficiency of this element, muscle cramps appear. Moreover, they are weakened and, in extreme cases, they may become paralyzed. Good to know, oral potassium supplements in higher doses are available only by prescription.

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Muscle cramps - calcium supplements

Calcium is involved in the conduction of nerve stimuli and muscle contractility. It is worth knowing that too low blood calcium levels, often accompanied by magnesium deficiency, can cause tetany, i.e. excessive hyperactivityneuromuscular failure, which manifests itself in uncontrolled, strong muscle contractions.

Muscle cramps - supplements with vitamin B6

Vitamin B6 affects glycogenesis and glycogenolysis in muscles, as well as muscle contractions. In addition, it has a beneficial effect on the absorption of minerals, including magnesium.

Therefore, with annoying contractions, she can also take supplements with this vitamin. However, do not overdo it with its intake. Long-term supplementation of more than 200 mg / day leads to the incoordination of muscle movement, an increased feeling of coolness, tingling in the limbs and degeneration of the nervous tissue.


  • Patients are usually recommended preparations that are a combination of magnesium and potassium in the form of aspartates. In most cases, they reduce the frequency or completely eliminate the occurrence of contractions. They are used primarily in people taking antihypertensive drugs (mainly diuretics), which can lead to a large loss of these ions from the body.
  • Although supplements for muscle spasms are available over the counter, it is worth consulting with your doctor or pharmacist - ask in what doses and how long should you take them. For example, the overuse of potassium can lead to changes in the way the heart works. Therefore, for self-treatment, magnesium preparations with vitamin B6 are recommended. Some of them in one tablet contain a dose of magnesium that meets the daily needs of an adult.
  • It is better to start the therapy with weaker preparations and possibly increase their dosage in the absence of the desired effect.
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