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The end of pregnancy resembles survival classes - it is getting harder and harder every day. Backache, swelling, constipation, heartburn, muscle cramps and other ailments that have been present throughout your pregnancy are now with you every day. How to survive the last month before childbirth?

You are definitely looking forward to the solution. After all, you have 36 long weeks behind you. Paradoxically, however, the 30 days separating you fromgiving birthlast forever. And you are tormented not only by the fear of what it will be like when the baby appears on this side of the belly. You are afraid of pain during childbirth and you have thousands of doubts whether you will prove yourself in the role of a mother. But it's your body that bothers you the most. The ailments that you had throughout yourpregnancyare now felt more often and more strongly than before.Swelling , backache, pelvic pain, hip pain, constipation, heartburn, muscle cramps - these are just some of them. You've probably got used to most of them by now, but some are hard to ignore because they accompany you every day, most of the day. But the ninth month doesn't have to be a pain at all. You can sweeten the end of your pregnancy - here are some proven ways.

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