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A stomach pain which you feel like a burning, burning or sucking stomach ache, sometimes accompanied by stomach cramps, suggests gastric ulcer is causing it. If stomach pain occurs within one to three hours after a meal or it intensifies after eating, and it is accompanied by indigestion symptoms: heartburn, belching, nausea and even vomiting, then the diagnosis - stomach ulcer - you are basically sure.

Stomach pain after eating , frequent symptoms of indigestion, heartburn, belching, nausea, vomiting are typicalsymptoms of stomach ulcersespecially if appear seasonally: in spring and autumn.

Stomach pain: causes of stomach ulcers

Stomach pain from stomach ulcers occurs when the bacteriumHelicobacter pyloribegins to destroy the lining of the stomach. Then a defect is formed in the stomach wall, which may be from a few millimeters to several centimeters in diameter. If left untreated, the ulcer can even "puncture" the stomach.

Pain in the stomach: diagnosis of gastric ulcers

You can do the Helicobacter pylori test yourself at home, but it is more reliable to perform a gastroscopy, which involves inserting an endoscope with a microcamera into the stomach and a kit for collecting a mucosa sample for testing.

Stomach pain: treatment of stomach ulcers

You can get rid of Helicobacter pylori with the help of antibiotics. As standard, in the treatment of stomach ulcers, 2 antibiotics are used simultaneously and additionally the so-called proton pump inhibitor (PPI) - an antacid drug. Thanks to the triple therapy, it is possible to effectively get rid of bacteria from the body and lead to a permanent cure of the sick. In case of ineffectiveness (which happens very rarely), a different set of drugs is used. Treatment of stomach ulcers is quick and easy, unless you are a smoker - the treatment may not be effective if you smoke during it.

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