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The first date is associated with excitement, a strong heartbeat and insecurity. What to do to make these first moments together successful? How to make a good impression on a date? How to seduce? And how to prepare for your first sex?

What it will be likethe first dateoften depends on whether the next date will happen … You do not have a 100% influence on events, but you and your partner can try to make this day it will stay in your memory for a long time, or to at least minimize the risk of failure.

First date: love at first sight …

A successful date is influenced by many factors. According to a study conducted in 25 countries by the GFK Research Institute on behalf of Bayer Schering Pharma, the most important for young people is personal hygiene (72 percent) andcontraception(45 percent). The men exchanged money and the women exchanged their appearance (hairstyle, makeup, clothes). Poles also indicated sexy underwear as one of the most important aspects of preparing for a date. 12 percent respondents mentioned planning the topics of the conversation and informing the other party where the meeting will be held (10%) as an important point in the preparations.

How to be sexy on the radce

Although we live in a world where we deal more and more often with reversed roles: women are more masculine, and in men we observe metrosexual behavior - during a date we want to look especially masculine and especially feminine and emphasize what proves our attractiveness.
- In the case of men, it is advisable to emphasize broad shoulders, so on a date it is better to wear a jacket than a sweater. Women should emphasize the waist, the rounded line of the hips and the bust, but we do not have to show off our femininity with a mini dress or on shoulder straps - says Monika Jaruzelska, a stylist. - It is worth wearing several layers to get the effect of mystery first, and secondly - by taking off the next items of clothing, give pleasure to watching.
The color that ignites the senses the most is definitely red. It is associated with eroticism, it is a symbol oflove .
- However, we must remember to dose the red skillfully and not attack the sense of sight with it. If we overdo it andwe will use a blood-red color on a large surface, e.g. dresses, it can act on the partner as the proverbial cloth on a bull. It's different if we use red in accessories - says the stylist.
When it comes to makeup - in our professional life, we emphasize the eyes, which are very important in interpersonal contacts.
- On the other hand, lips symbolize our sexuality, so it is most advisable to emphasize them on a date - says Monika Jaruzelska. - Painted, shiny, will be an encouragement and a kind of provocation to kissing and having sex.

Who's attractive?

What do we pay attention to on the first date? It turns out that attractiveness is understood differently by men and differently by women.
- For men, attractiveness is understood more physically, he focuses on the beauty and figure of a woman, hair. What is important for him is the waistline of his partner, figures such as an hourglass or a guitar are definitely preferred - says Dr. Konrad Maj, social psychologist from SWPS in Warsaw. - On the other hand, for a woman, an attractive man is not necessarily the most handsome, but well-groomed one. A super handsome guy with ugly nails in his partner's eyes will lose his attractiveness. Besides, we must remember that women perceive different signals and read between the lines, they are good observers. They watch how the chosen one talks to other people, how he behaves in a group. So what if he whispers sweet words, he is delicate and subtle, as if he is arguing with the waiter at the bar in a moment.

You must do it

To raise the temperature during the first dinner, you can include in the menu dishes with spices, fruit or additives that have been used as aphrodisiacs for centuries:

  • Ginger - already in the 1st century AD in Rome, it was added as an aphrodisiac to aromatic baths.
  • Walnuts - in the culture of the Greeks and Romans, they were a symbol of fertility and a permanent element of wedding rituals. The Greeks and Romans used to shower them on the bride and groom during their wedding ceremonies to ensure fertility and a happy life for the newlyweds.
  • Vanilla - its taste and smell increase libido and arouse desire, which is why perfumes with a hint of this aroma are very popular.
  • Chilli - its popularity is largely due to the old Indian belief that eating it frequently increases sexual potency.
  • Chocolate contains enylethylamine, a neurotransmitter called the "love hormone".
  • Banana, mango, peach, melon - these fruits increase the desire for love. If lovers eat a salad of these fruits for dessert, they can feel a surge of love energy.

Firstdate - first sex

In Poland, 35 percent of men admit that it is up to them to take the "first step" leading to sex, and this is also the opinion of women - 52 percent. it confirmed. The fact that this movement belongs to both partners was stated by more than half of men and almost 40 percent. ladies.

Dating contraception

More and more young people think about sex and contraception before the first meeting with a new partner. In this case, Poles do not differ from their colleagues from Europe, the Americas and Asia: 56 percent. men are considered responsible for protection against unwanted pregnancies and only 10 percent. women (25% of women throw the responsibility onto their partner, 63% say that it is a matter for both partners, and only 2% believe that no one is responsible)
- Contraception may turn out to be one of the most important aspects getting ready for the first date. Lack of protection may not only cool down the intimate moments when we decide to do them, or even worse end up with an unwanted pregnancy or illness. Therefore, both women and men should look ahead and think about security - says prof. Violetta Skrzypulec-Plinta, gynecologist and sexologist, head of the Department of Women's He alth, Medical University of Silesia in Katowice. - The most effective protection is a combination of two methods, the more so as we still know little about ourselves: a hormone pill that protects us from pregnancy and a condom that protects against diseases.
According to the majority of respondents, the most effective contraceptive methods are condoms and the contraceptive pill and the “after” pill.
Unfortunately, a total of 45 percent respondents who had already had intercourse and had sex with a new partner did not use contraception at all: 36% in Europe, 47 percent. in the Asia-Pacific region, 56% in Latin America and 45% in the US. In Poland, over 40 percent had sex without protection. respondents. But why? The main reason for not using contraception was the fact that young people did not have access to it at the moment, but also the partner's preferences not to use protection, forgetfulness, the belief that there is no risk of pregnancy or being under the influence of alcohol.

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