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The balance of a fourteen-year-old is another in a series of preventive examinations that determine the general state of he alth and assess the correctness of the development of sexual characteristics. Check what tests are performed during the he alth check of a child at the age of 14.

A 14-year-old's balance sheetfocuses on determining if puberty is going well. Its important element is to identify possible contraindications to learning your preferred profession in upper secondary school.

Balance of the fourteen year old: research

The examination of the he alth of a child aged 14 can be conventionally divided into three groups:

I- General he alth test, i.e. weighing, measuring, indicative hearing test, eye test (sharpness, strabismus, color vision), blood pressure measurement.

II- Medical examination, paying attention to the correctness of sexual maturation.

1. assessment of the degree of development of sexual characteristics and abnormalities in the genitourinary system:

  • possible enlargement of the mammary glands in boys,
  • the course and regularity of menstruation in girls,
  • changes in the appearance of sexual organs,
  • itching, burning, abnormal vaginal discharge;

2. examination of the thyroid gland;

3. examination of the musculoskeletal system (in order to diagnose spine curvature or limb deformation);

4. examination of the teeth and oral cavity for the presence of caries, tartar, unpleasant smell from the mouth;

5. checking the condition of the skin for juvenile acne.

Additionally, in some cases, the doctor may order additional tests, e.g. chest X-ray, blood count, urine analysis.

III- A medical interview with the child's guardian and / or educator to determine the he alth behavior of the student and identify those that are risky to he alth: smoking, using psychoactive substances, unhe althy diets. Based on the weight and eating habits, the doctor determines the risk of atherosclerosis and determines the psychosocial he alth status: depression, anxiety, concentration disorders.

What does the doctor assess on the 14-year-old's balance sheet?

After the examination, the doctor fills out the "Charter of development and he alth of a 14-year-old child", in which he describes:

  • general he alth;
  • rate and level of puberty;
  • psychosocial development;
  • possibility of active participation in physical education classes;
  • in the case of sick and disabled children, the doctor determines the limitations regarding the choice of profession in the future.

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