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A mascara that is good and cheap is every woman's dream. How do you find the perfect one for you? We present 10 reliable mascaras from the drugstore and reveal how to choose a mascara that will conjure up a flirty look.

How to choose a mascara?

Mascara should be matched not only to their type, but also to the shape and depth of the eye. The most important thing is that the brush should be easy to maneuver and reach the most difficult to "catch" corners. It is worth considering the shape of the brush and the length of the comb. A comb that is shorter than the length of the eye (from the inner corner to the outer corner) will work best. A large brush will not be suitable for a deeply set eye. A small brush used to make up the big eye will make the person have to wave well.

Another factor is the ink density, which affects its durability and comfort in painting. Good mascara should not be too thick, because then it rolls on the eyelashes. Most people do not like mascaras that dry on the eyelashes immediately because they do not allow the application of the second layer of the cosmetic.

Meet 10 proven mascaras that you can buy at any drugstore!

Note! Unfortunately, some carcasses can sensitize, but this is a very individual matter. It's worth testing cosmetics from different brands to find the one that's right for you.

About the authorKatarzyna Zielińska Journalist associated with as a collaborator. A lover of natural care and colored cosmetics, as well as herbal medicine and he althy eating. Co-founder of the Naru beauty salon in Warsaw.

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