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In spring and autumn, ulcers feel worse and worse. Whether it's a diet change or temperature fluctuations, it's not clear why these seasons exacerbate digestive ailments and make peptic ulcer symptoms worse. Helicobacter pylori attack can be stopped, but you need to know how.

If you havestomach ulcers , be prepared to get sick more than usual in spring and fall. The culprit most often responsible for peptic ulcer disease is the bacteriumHelicobacter pylorithat lives in the digestive system.

Stomach ulcers don't like hydrochloric acid

The stomach produces about 2.5 liters of juice a day. It is an aqueous solution of hydrochloric acid that is needed to digest food. There is an overproduction of hydrochloric acid for many reasons. These surpluses digest the mucosa lining the stomach and duodenum. An erosion is formed. When the damaging effects of acid lasts long, an ulcer forms.

When your body produces more acid than is needed for digestion? It is mainly favored by living under stress, unhygienic lifestyle and smoking. You cannot forget about the Helicobacter pyloribacteria, which lives in the digestive system and may or may not lead to the formation of an ulcer. Although on average 60 percent of people have it, not all are sick.


In pharmacies, without a prescription, you can buy a simple home test that detects the presence of Helicobacter pylori bacteria. A small drop of blood from the finger is sufficient for the test. The test is easy, you have the result in just a few minutes. The test is available over the counter.

How to treat stomach ulcers?

Regardless of what caused the ulcer - if you do not start treatment - the damage to the stomach wall will increase and over time it may break through, the so-called perforation. This is a serious threat to life (chyme begins to leak into the peritoneal cavity and, as a result, peritonitis develops). Immediate surgery is the rescue.

Treatment is based on the administration of antacids and acid secretion-reducing agents. Bacteria are eliminated with a therapy with three drugs: a preparation that inhibits the secretion of hydrochloric acid and two antibacterial drugs.

You must do it

  • On an empty stomach and in the evening, drink soda ashlinen or sprinkle with linseed sandwiches (they do not change their taste).
  • Eat five or six small meals a day.
  • Avoid preparations containing acetylsalicylic acid (you can only ingest the so-called coated aspirin).
  • Do not take iron supplements.
  • Use painkillers in suppositories or dissolving tablets.
  • Avoid dishes that make you feel much worse after eating (most often they are fried, spicy). Cooked dishes are the least harmful, and soups not in stock.
  • Relapses of peptic ulcer disease

    Peptic ulcer disease cannot be cured once and for all. Therefore, when the symptoms of the disease recur, it is worth going to the doctor immediately. Untreated peptic ulcer disease can turn into cancerous ulcer. The faster you react, the better for you.

    Peptic ulcer disease: symptoms and treatment

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