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Does s alt added to pickling cucumbers matter? Some people argue that iodized s alt can make cucumbers spoil. How is it really? Which s alt is best to add to pickled cucumbers?

S altis, apart from cucumbers, the most important element of any silage. It is not involved in the process ofanaerobic digestion , but creates the right conditions for the development oflactic acid bacteria , which are responsible for it.

Many people wonder what s alt to choose for pickling cucumbers. We have a really wide selection of different types of s alt on the market. What's the difference?

Pickling s alt - what do we have to choose from?

Kitchen s alt (brewed)

The most popular in our kitchen, but also unfortunatelythe least valuable . This ispurified rock s alt . It consists of as much as90 percentsodium chloride, during processing ( refining ) loses all micronutrients, usually enriched with iodine compounds. It often containsanti-cakingand other artificial additives.

Sea s alt

It is obtained by evaporating seawater. It only has30-40 percentsodium chloride, the rest are macro- and micronutrients. It contains iodine of natural origin, as well as zinc, potassium, magnesium, iron, calcium, manganese and selenium.

Rock s alt

It is obtained fromh altites , i.e. rocks made ofhalite- a mineral whose main ingredient is sodium chloride. Polish s alt from Kłodawa comes from 250 million years ago, and Wieliczka s alt - from 15 million years ago. Rock s alt is unrefined, so it contains only30-40%sodium chloride and a lot of elements and micronutrients such as chromium, calcium, copper and manganese.

Himalayan s alt

It is touted as the he althiest, but research shows that it is not much different from table s alt. Like it, it's mostly made of sodium. Consuming it in excess canharm your he alth , because in addition to valuable ingredients, it also contains trace amounts of uranium, mercury, lead, polonium and radium. At the same time, it isthe most expensiveof all types of s alt, becauseis mined by handfrom deposits located at the foot of the Himalayas. It owes its pink color to the presence of compoundsiron .

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Which s alt is best for pickling?

The truth is that silage will work with any type of s alt. However, we should choose the s alt most valuable for our he alth, i.e. containing the greatest possible number of elements and microelements. Therefore, the best choice for pickling will be rock or sea s alt, the most important thing isunrefined .

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Iodized s alt - is it suitable for silage?

The obligation to iodize s alt in our country was introduced in1997to prevent the negative effects of this element deficiency. Manufacturers add it to table s alt packagesup to 1 kg .

Every year in the cucumber season there is a doubt as to whether iodized s alt is suitable for pickling. Many people say that iodine makes cucumbers spoil. It was checked by the Food and Nutrition Institute in a study onthe effect of s alt with potassium iodide on fermentation processes(pickling).

Research has shown thathas no negative effect on the fermentation of vegetables . It does not change their taste in any way. Iodized s alt can be used in the household for cooking, baking, frying as well as for all preserves.

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