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Red, yellow and green peppers - these are the most common colors of peppers in shops. Orange and purple specimens are also seen less frequently. But which color of paprika is the he althiest and tastiest?

Many people wonder which pepper to choose: red, yellow or green, because they do not know if thecolor of the peppermatters. Yes, it does, but not as much as we might think …

What does the color of the pepper depend on?

Red, yellow and green peppers are actually the same peppers, only picked atdifferent stages of ripening . Of course, the red pepper hung on the bush for the longest time - it was it that absorbed the most sunlight, the shortest - the green one.

You might think the green vegetable is unripe and therefore unfit for food, but this rule does not apply to peppers. Yellow pepper is an intermediate stage between the fully ripe pepper and the young one.

The color of the pepper and the taste

Does the color of the pepper affect its taste? Yes, green pepper tastes more bitter, while red pepper - thanks to the high beta-carotene content - can be really sweet. Yellow, on the other hand, is milder and neutral in taste.

What color of paprika is the he althiest?

Pepper is a very he althy vegetable - it contains, among others :

  • lots of vitamin C,
  • beta-carotene,
  • lycopene,
  • B vitamins
  • vitamin E
  • potassium
  • phosphor
  • magnesium
  • iron
  • valuable antioxidants

Does the color of pepper affect its nutritional value? Yes, but not much.

As forvitamin C , in 150 mg the most arered(210 mg) and green (209 mg), yellow slightly less, but still a lot (195 mg).

The best source ofbeta-caroteneis pepperred- in 150 g it has 531 units, green - 270 and yellow - only 47. Beta-carotene, or provitamin A, is responsible for good eyesight, strengthens immunity, and also supports the treatment of acne and delays the appearance of wrinkles.

Equally valuable for our he alth isvitaminEpresent in paprika, also known as the "vitamin of love or fertility", because it stops the aging process of the skin and has a positive effect on fertility. As it turns out, inof all varieties of pepperthere is a similar amount of this vitamin.

As forpotassium , alsored(400 mg in 150 g of vegetables) and green pepper (330 mg) and finally a yellow pepper with a result of 266 mg.

Also in terms of the content offolic acid , so much needed by every woman during pregnancy and breastfeeding, the winner is red pepperred , which contains almost twice as much as other peppers.

Red, yellow or green peppers - which one should you choose?

Due to the greatest we alth of nutrients, red pepper is the most recommended, but we should not give up other colors as well. The best idea is to combine different colors of peppers in the dishes - then our diet will be diverse and we will be sure that we have provided our body with various valuable ingredients.

Paprika is a vitamin record holder. Which is the best color?

Source: TVN

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