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In losing weight, just like in business - the most important thing is to define your goal. Your goal should be simple, measurable, achievable, and timed. Losing weight is also expected to bring long-term effects. That's why you need to make friends with him. How to do it? Psychologists know this.

It is not known what is more difficult to lose weight - the first step ismotivation to lose weight , orsticking to the diet . Psychologists say that the most important thing in the process of change is to see the problem and decide to act. In the light of this theory, all those who decided to diet have the most difficult ones behind them. Now it is enough to turn decisions into actions and it's ready. This sounds optimistic, but in practice it is not easy. The motivation of ourselves and our surroundings is at the heart of losing weight. Support from family and friends is an invaluable help in the fight against extra kilos. For a dieter, a good word is extremely valuable, noticing progress and reassurance in a time of crisis. When you can't count on it from your loved ones, online support comes to your aid.

Losing weight with on-line support

A lot of people from all over Poland, and even from all over the world, face similar obstacles, although they have more or less kilos to lose. Online forums bring together novices and diet experts. Members of the dietary forums provide advice and support. They quickly knock out the ideas of hunger strikes and draconian diets, dispel doubts and motivate you to work on yourself. They form support groups that so far were known only in the form of meetings held two or three times a week. Now you can use support at any time of the day or night. When the evening snacking is tempting, instead of in the kitchen you disappear in front of the computer monitor, where you will be effectively prevented from destroying the refrigerator. However, you need to equip yourself with long-term, calm and constant motivation necessary to change eating habits, as well as momentary, strong motivation that will help in moments of weakness. The source of these motivations is one - your new, he althy, shapely body.

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Controlled slimming is effective and safe slimming

The goal is clear and clear - to lose weight.But how much? How fast? How? We all care about maximum results in express time with minimal effort. That is why diets assuming a drastic reduction in the caloric content of meals are still so popular, promising amazing results after 2-4 weeks of use. Pharmacy shelves are full of dietary supplements that guarantee a slim figure. Bookstores abound with books describing miracle diets: blood type matches, carnivores, vegetarians, etc. The choice is huge, but what will be good for you? The method of small steps or a jump into deep water? Many people, when going on a diet, forget that the most important thing is he alth and the exclusion of the yo-yo effect. Fast, near-starvation-like diets result in a deficiency of nutrients in the body and an immediate return to the previous weight after weight loss. They exhaust the body, and their longer use makes it impossible to perform daily activities due to lack of strength. If you want your diet to be effective, not hurt you, and its effects will last for years, approach it wisely. Before starting the diet, go to a specialist and do comprehensive research. - First of all, it is worth doing a morphology, as well as a lipidogram and blood sugar level. You should also check the level of thyroid hormones, which have a great influence on the metabolism. You will also need to know your own resting metabolism (it can be calculated according to appropriate formulas or checked during testing on special scales in a dietary office) and the determination of the level of physical activity. An appropriate diet plan should be selected for this information - so that the generated caloric deficit is not too high, so as to avoid the yo-yo effect after the period of leaning. You should consciously provide your body with nutrients so as not to lead to deficiencies. Without the necessary ingredients, you will not be able to build a new figure - advises Elżbieta Grzych-Tuleja, a dietitian from the Obesity Treatment Center in Krakow.

Set a goal and lose weight gradually

In losing weight, just like in business - the most important thing is to define your goal. Your goal should be simple, measurable, achievable, and timed. You know you can lose weight, but not 20 kg in 3 weeks. Losing weight is important to you, so decide on the time you want to lose weight, make a plan. Overcoming the next stage will bring you satisfaction and motivation to continue. You will notice the effect of your actions, which is the greatest reward. Don't be afraid of weight control. The result on the weight is not a punishment, but an indication of what to do next. Remember, however, that throughoutof the treatment, there will be periods in which, despite your efforts, the weight indicator will not move. This is the time when your body adapts to new conditions, then you should be patient and stick to the plan consistently, and more effects will certainly appear soon. The diet can be compared to going down stairs, sometimes we go down, sometimes we stand. We will not jump a few degrees at once, so let's focus on a slow but permanent weight loss.

The diet must be supported by sport

Sounds banal, but physical activity releases endorphins (happiness hormones), which you need when you have to give up, for example, sweets. Most people who go on a diet are by no means amateurs of sports. The limitation of physical activity has led them to this very place, where it is difficult to get off the chair. It is worth realizing at the beginning of the diet that changing the diet is only half the battle, exercise is necessary for the full effect. You don't necessarily have to force yourself to run or do sit-ups if you just think about it, you don't feel like doing anything. We can choose from a full range of activities, ranging from swimming pool and water aerobics, which relieves the spine through dance, yoga, kickboxing, gym, ending with tennis, volleyball, Nordic walking or ordinary walks. In this case, as in the change of nutrition, the method of small steps is important. No one can run a marathon without training, and no one will improve physical performance without regular exercise. For most people, the biggest problem is getting out of the house. Lack of motivation and established habit, getting used to the couch, sometimes also discomfort and shame. Trainers extend a helping hand to all these people from TV screens and computer monitors. On the web we can find training videos of various techniques and disciplines at various levels of advancement. Starting with couch exercises lasting up to 15 minutes and not requiring lifting from your beloved piece of furniture, to a full 45-minute workout involving all muscle groups. You train with the tutor in the privacy of your home, listening to detailed instructions on the correctness of the exercises and motivational shouts: "You can do it, only three more repetitions, you will hold it!" You can follow the entire training plan proposed by a given TV channel or social network. This is not a substitute for outdoor or group exercise, but it will improve your performance and hopefully encourage you to stay active. Exercise causes the production of endorphins in the body, which means a feeling of happiness.

Motivation to lose weight versus demotivators

Keeping motivated is nota simple matter, especially when losing weight. Anyone who has been on a diet at least once knows it well. We come across obstacles and people who act as demotivators. People who reduce weight give up delicacies which they enjoyed eating, improved their mood in difficult moments, and they must be strong, persistent and patient, because you have to wait for the results. However, reaching the goal is worth the effort. We eat to live, and we do not live to eat. So, in staying motivated, all tricks are allowed. We can cover the whole apartment with cards reminding us of our goal, ask the family to remind us every day why we do it or buy clothes in the size we want and hang them in a visible place, and then work every day to make it fit.

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