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How to support Santa, who with such a multitude of duties may have a problem with the right choice of gifts? Older children write a letter to him. And what to buy for the younger ones? Get inspired!

From birth

The perfect first gift for a newborn baby is a humming teddy bear, or Szumiś. It is an award-winning toy and number 1 on the Polish layette list. The teddy bear makes sounds, thanks to which the newborn baby falls asleep peacefully, because they resemble those from the mother's belly, which accompanied him throughout the entire pregnancy, and which now help to soothe the crying during colic. A new feature is the version with the "CRY-sensor" function. After 40 minutes of special hum, the teddy bear goes into standby mode and the crying is triggered for another 20 minutes.

For 2 years

Sound pads are great for a two-year-old. Made of rubber wood with the use of non-toxic paints, dyes and varnishes, they are filled with beads, which makes them make various sounds. Older children will build towers from them.

From 3 years

A younger preschooler will certainly cope with games that require manual skills. Simple games of matching shapes or sticking stickers on special boards will work great. The box contains a whole set of felt-tip pens, scissors for children, play dough, plasticine, etc. Thanks to such games, the child will stimulate creativity, dexterity and imagination.

From 4 years

From an early age, it is worth teaching a child to take care of mental development. Memorizing cards are ideal for this. A memory game trains perceptiveness and memory. So the whole family can play - it's a great idea for integrating grandparents with grandchildren.

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