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When you get a headache and you can't or won't reach for painkillers, try herbs. The list of those that are effective in relieving headaches is quite long and you will surely find plants that will appeal to you and will surprise you with their effectiveness. Which herbs effectively fight headaches?

Herbsare effectivein the fight against headaches , provided that we use them regularly and try to eliminate these risk factors for the appearance of headache that we have influence on. Also, if headaches are frequent and intense, first of all, consult a doctor and try to find out their cause.

Herbs for a headache: how to prepare an infusion?

Fresh, warm infusions work best. The heat dilates the blood vessels, so the healing substances penetrate the painful area faster. The infusion is usually prepared from a teaspoon of selected herbs - you need to pour a cup of boiling water over them, and when they are stretched after 10 minutes, strain and drink.

Which herbs fight headaches?

  • mint, lemon balm and valerian root reduce muscle tension, so they alleviate pain caused by stress and degenerative changes in the spine
  • ginkgo, bullion pyrethrum improve circulation in the cerebral vessels, bring relief from migraine and pain caused by hypoxia
  • white willow bark, chamomile have analgesic and anti-inflammatory properties, which is why they are suitable for pains occurring during a cold
  • ginger inhibits nausea and vomiting, helps with migraines and headaches caused by overeating or alcohol abuse
  • hops, sage, chaste, have a toning effect on the endocrine system, they are effective in relieving headaches associated with menstruation and caused by weather changes

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