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Weekly juice detox is one of the most popular forms of cleansing the body of toxins. Detoxification can be carried out in early spring to relieve the body after winter. However, summer is the best time to detox. This is when fresh vegetables and seasonal fruit appear, constituting the basis of a cleansing juice diet. Check what are the rules for a proper and effective juice detox.

Weekly Juice Detoxaims to eliminate toxins from the body. You can start the juice diet in early spring to cleanse the body after winter. During this period, the base of juices may be exotic fruit or sauerkraut. However, the best time to detox is in summer, when fresh vegetables and seasonal fruit appear in stores and stalls. The beneficial substances contained in them literally sweep away residual toxins, thus improving the overall he alth, as well as the condition of the skin and hair.

Weekly Juice Detox - Rules

For seven days of the cleansing treatment, all 5 meals are replaced with freshly squeezed and unsweetened vegetable or fruit juices.

The day should start with drinking water with lemon juice. Then, until lunchtime, you should reach for fruit juices. They are an ideal proposition for the first and second breakfast, because they contain sugars, which are the source of energy for the brain. Unfortunately, they can accumulate in the form of unnecessary fat, so when you drink fruit juices until noon, you can be sure that the sugars will be burned.

For lunch and for the rest of the day, you should drink vegetable juices (or vegetables with a small amount of fruit). They can be eaten not only cold, but also slightly warmed, with the addition of aromatic herbs, e.g. basil or thyme, or spices, e.g. pepper, cumin, nutmeg. In the evening, it is worth reaching for a soothing infusion of fresh fennel or a herbal tea of ​​fennel. These and other herbal teas, as well as mineral water, are an essential element of the cleansing treatment.

In a cleansing diet, tomato and beetroot juices are the most recommended, as well as carrot and celery juices, which are perfect for an apple. It is also worth reaching for orange juice, sauerkraut and grapefruit juice, but the last two days of the week can be drunk on an empty stomach, because they intensely accelerate the metabolism.

In order not to weaken their cleansing properties, you should exclude coffee, dark tea, alcohol and other stimulants from your juice diet. After the detox is over, the juices should be included in your daily diet. The seven-day cleansing treatment can be repeated no more than once a quarter.

Juice detox - juicer or juicer?

Juices are best prepared with a squeezer, because in it, unlike a juicer, you can prepare juices from small fruits and leafy vegetables. In addition, thanks to the juicer, you can get naturally cloudy juice, i.e. the one with the flesh containing the most nutrients. Most importantly, however, juicers do not extract the juice based on the frictional force that destroys what's most valuable in the juice: enzymes, vitamins and minerals. These are the properties of the juicer.

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How to prepare for a weekly juice detox?

Drastic restriction of meals may come as a shock to the body, which is usually manifested by irritability, malaise and fatigue. A sudden transition from the current diet to a juice diet may also result in attacks of wolf hunger and reaching for excessive amounts of food. In this way, a counter-productive effect is achieved. Therefore, you should gradually prepare the body for detox with juices. 2 weeks before starting the treatment, start reducing the caloric content of meals by excluding sweets and fatty foods from the diet in favor of vegetables and fruit - raw, cooked or in the form of salads.

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Is the weekly juice detox he althy?

The nutritional value of juices is similar to the nutritional value of raw vegetables and fruits, and therefore they are undoubtedly a treasure trove of vitamins and minerals. However, it should be noted that they contain much less fiber, which is beneficial for people with stomach ulcers or intestinal inflammation. Nutritionists agree that one or two days of a detox with juices will not do any harm, so they recommend such a cleansing treatment for the weekend. However, if the juice diet is followed for a longer period of time, it may do more harm than good. Therefore, before switching to a juice detox, it is better to consult a doctor or nutritionist who will properly guide the treatment.

Weekly juice detox - contraindications

People who struggle with chronic diseases such as diabetes or high blood pressure, work physically orThey play sports intensively, should give up this type of cleansing the body and consult a dietitian who will suggest a different method of detoxification. The cleansing treatment, for obvious reasons, should not be used by pregnant women, children and adolescents.

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