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Apples lower cholesterol, protect the heart, and detoxify. The best apples are straight from orchards, ripe in the sun. It is worth including these fruits in your diet because they improve digestion, prevent premature aging, and support weight loss.

Although they are completely average in terms ofnutritional values ​​ - cherries and blueberries have more vitamin C, not to mention citrus; and magnesium, calcium and phosphorus - pears and plums, autumn belongs to apples. What is valuable in them? Of the minerals, it is potassium that improves the functioning of the nervous system and the heart. A great we alth of apples is fiber in the form of pectins, which have a beneficial effect on the intestinal flora, regulate bowel movements, and heal diarrhea (stewed) and constipation (raw). Thanks to pectins, the level of good HDL cholesterol increases and the concentration of bad LDL decreases. They are also a rich source of quercetin, anantioxidantthat seals blood vessels and prevents plaque build-up.Apples , like milk, detoxify the body. People who eat a lot of apples are less likely to catch colds and upper respiratory infections. Although these fruits are not low in calories (approx. 46 kcal / 100 g), due to the high content of fiber that fills the intestines, they give a feeling of satiety, they are recommended for those who are in line. as thin as possible. The rotten one has to be discarded, cutting out the damaged part does not give anything, because invisible mold particles can take over the whole fruit.

Apples - application

We like to use apples for apple pies, tarts and apple pies. They are also suitable for dry dishes, especially fatty duck meat, pork and liver. They also go well with salads for dinner. We recommend salads:

  • from apples, celery and nuts
  • made of apples and white leek
  • made of diced apples and pumpkins, with the addition of cranberries.
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Apples - what are their properties?

Baked apples - a he althy dessert

They are even given to babies. It is enough to wash the apple, put it on a baking tray and bake it. They will be even better if we hollow the seed nest from the tail side and fill the place after it with good jam (e.g. cranberry, cherry or raspberry), sugarwith raisins, chopped nuts mixed with honey, marzipan. You can also wrap the apple in shortbread or puff pastry and bake. Another variant of this dessert is apples in the foam when they are toasted, cover them with stiffly beaten egg whites and sugar and bake until the foam begins to darken slightly.

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